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Author Topic: x Sexy HOLLY x near Victoria  (Read 626 times)

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I've come across the above profile a couple of weeks back, was going to leave the review out but thought some of you might want to avoid this & other similar profiles near Victoria station.

B&S, the EE girl I saw was a lot less attractive than the one in the picture. To be frank, the girl I saw looked a lot like the one on the link below


Even though the girl wasn't that pretty, I did stay for 1 hour because partly she was friendly enough and more so the fact that I was so horny and my dick was telling me not to walk.

Round 1 finished after about half an hour. She then dressed up and said in such delightful voice that I was her last client (that was 8:30pm by the way).

I didn't want to argue but was gutted afterwards that I didn't get my full hour.

I will avoid punting in Victoria, lesson learned.

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I get the not wanting to argue bit but that's a pisstake, I wouldn't have stood for it!

This idiot often has several profiles with other peoples pictures. She is rampant b&s rat.

You should have walked.

Offline king tarzan

I am very sceptical of latino profiles
there seems to be lots of false advertising
but they are hot women

Romanian they bulls hit but have been lucky with
them like abby doll  Renata zayhra london rahila angel

Pot luck really

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