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Offline mrsaxon


I am going to give this review a positive despite a few misgivings throughout the meet.
I punt for different reasons depending on the current state of my private life. Having just gotten out of a relationship and having been held up from punting due to an ingrowing hair I simply needed a realease. I wasn't looking for a GFE and noholesbarred81 seemed to tick most of my boxes.
Comms were good, a phone call at 5 and I was booked in for 6. I was given a post code and then the door number once I got there. Her house was in a terraced area of North Ormsbey which seemed quiet enough and safe. The first two warnings signs were her house and her teeth, high of which were a state. Her teeth screamed drug user to me and her house had dog stuff everywhere I.e chew toys etc. She did apologise for this and explained she has just gotten a new staffy.
Appearance wise she is extremely petite only a London based Thai escort has been smaller in my punting career.  She was well presented with fuck me boots and a nice dress on that gave me a great view of her ass going up the stairs. Her bedroom was also messy with a bong on the dresser which for me personally is a big no no. I probably should have walked but I thought with my cock and I was then pleasently surprised.
Her service was excellent, I was in the mood for a rough shag and she delivered 100%, I pushed her down onto her knees and my cock was down her throat in seconds. Her DT is excellent and she was more than willing to push past her gag reflex. She let me face fuck her and do this with her head over the edge of the bed. She also loved spreading her gag spit all over her face.
I then fucked her in deckchair and doggy in her pussy before finishing in cowgirl anal. She was nice and tight being so petite and was up for being spat on with some mild choking and slapping. I then got dressed and left.
Overall I got exactly what I wanted and she seemed a nice woman but the teeth and the house were real negatives for me. I would go back if I wanted that particular rough convenient shag itch scratched again as her service was spot on but there are better looking escorts and locations on the market- just not in Middlesbrough in my experience!

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Offline Yuppie

Sounds like a good fuck. I've tried booking a few times but when I get to the street she never responds. I can only assume she had got another client in while accepting my booking. Saying that it's exactly the kind of punt I need lol

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