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Author Topic: Model_Victoria aka Amanda English WGs for £70 an hour  (Read 1085 times)

Offline adindas

Has anyone tried Model_Victoria ?


It seems to me it is vfm for £70 an hour for young English blond, blue eyes model type ... But we do not know yet what her service is likely ....

She is just working twice a week on Tue and Thur

She is also working for an agent here


where she charge £150 an hour for outfall

Anyone seen this lady, feedback is very much appreciated ??
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Offline adindas

I think it is not necessary a fake profile as she might get her pictures be taken from this studio ...

I found her stunning and  vfm but what we do not know is about the service she provide ...

Offline adindas

Thanks Jacob, now we could how she looks like, her real face ..
If she is for real I find her stunning gorgeous ..

Anyone has tried her and could provide feedback ??


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its gone off aw

well ain't that ironic, the profile had been around for a 'while' on AW, someone brings the profile to the attention of this board and within a day its gone !

Offline adindas

its gone off aw

She is still here, working for an agent under a screen name Amanda

Anyone has heard this agent ?

But she charges £150 for an hour. I do not know whether she is genuine whether it is bait and switch . The only way to know is to take a plunge. But I myself will not take a risk for £150 an hour ....

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