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Author Topic: Is it too good to be true 60ph in Peterborough?  (Read 977 times)


The above profile the escort looks stunning and verified member. I am tempted so i booked 2hr incall with her today. Does need you experienced punters advice is it too good to be true or she could be genuine?

She's been on adultwork since 11th March this year and at £60 an hour you think she would have punters queuing round the block and have extensive feedback. Alarmingly her feedback is hidden. And that's for a good reason. Don't bother mate. She will either fuck you about with arrangements or not deliver her likes list. No doubt a private gallery scam.
Avoid likea dose of the clap.

First and foremost thanks a lot mate :yahoo:

Well I thought  so..Been using AW since 2012 and this seemed too good to be true but needed someone's opeanion.  I planned to drive from Newmarket to Peterborough but I had a gut feeling this wasn't right. I always book via AW SHE has read the booking request and kept refusing to accept it and telling B.S  since then..

I might  delete it.

I had a look her friend offer duo service with her she got verification.

I might stick to the locals mate.

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Offline The happy one

Checking her profile expect to be asked for a deposit before you have met

So to me a scammer
Banning reason: Suspected pimp involved in organizing parties

Checking her profile expect to be asked for a deposit before you have met

So to me a scammer


I would stay away from the EEs in Peterborough too. Best to wait and see who's touring. There's usually someone decent every week but you need to get in quick as they get booked up fast.

Offline Owwhatanight

This lady has been around along time and use to operate from Bourne using several Aw profile names and her feedback has been hidden for years. She has been mentioned on this site before possibly last year. Deffently English as I have talked with her on the phone but has a terrible attitude as she wants us all to think she is slim but quite the opposite. Gets a little angry when you ask her dress size.i also remember Bb being on past profiles and the price even being as low as £50.

Ive seen her 'friend' and had a cpl of meetings that were alot of fun, but cant vouch for the girl in op

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