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Author Topic: regular girl?.....or different every time?  (Read 1164 times)

Offline comaminion

hmmm not a wealth of experience here but regular and once in a blue moon try someone new

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I like variety in the main ,there are a couple of girls in soho I see often but on the whole it's normally one visit then onto the next

I mix it up. With regs I like to try new things.


I go for variety. I only punt occasionally so I would rather use those occasions to try new girls instead of stay with the same girl who may or may not even remember me anyway. I have seen WGs more than once, but usually a lot of time has passed between meets.

Offline JasonP

I have a handful ( no pun intended ) of regulars but also like to try out newbies just for the excitement and anticipation of a first meet. I do find that seeing a prossie on a regular basis makes some of them take the piss.It might be that they don't go that extra mile to be presentable or whatever. A bit like the OH after she's got the ring on your finger. My regulars list Is constantly evolving because of this. I find that after a few meets, depending on the prossie, the rot sets in. But there's a neverending supply so I can't see that it really matters.
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