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Author Topic: First-timer outcall recommendation  (Read 463 times)

Offline banana33

Hi guys,
First post here, after few weeks as a lurker ;-)
Reason why I'm writing is that, after fancying it for quite a while, I thought I would try a WG for the first time, and, the absolute beginner that I am, I just wanted your advice before I make the move.
I'm basically trying to arrange a two hours outcall at my flat in East-Central London with a nice young lady, possible less than 30y. I decided on an outcall because for the first time at least I would like the comfort of a familiar place, as I'm sure I'll be very nervous and I live alone anyway now. The girl should be more of the "cute" kind. I'm not looking for an amazon either, so petite build or not very tall anyway, and on the slim side, maybe size 8 or so. I also prefer medium/small breast and slim body. OWO should be on the menu (not sure it's always available on an outcall, which is why your advice is very important to me).
Browsing UKP I had identified Amazing Mia as a very good candidate, one who also enjoys very good reviews.
The only thing that is really keeping me is: is she really that young? I like young women (who doesn't), but the age she claims on her profile is a bit too much for me. It would make me feel much better to know that she is at least in her early 20s :-P.
Otherwise, any other nice young lady you can recommend at 300 or less per 2 hrs?
Thanks for your help!
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3 review(s) found for xx Amazing Mia xx linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Forget Mia - she is that young, and quite inexperienced. Angela minx (see my reviews) is a much better bet.

Offline banana33

Thanks backofthenet! Those legs look stunning!
One thing I forgot to say is that tattoos put me off a bit (I know, I'm very picky  :cool: ). Does she really have that many? I can live with them if she is really as good as the reviews seem to suggest though, but just in case you have a other name I would appreciate that. Thanks!

Offline shagbambi

I agree with backofthenet, Angela Minx, you can't go wrong!

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