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Author Topic: Someone share the same name as a family member, what do you do  (Read 531 times)

What do you do, if some one has the same family name, but it might not be them

So I get yahoo messages for cj townhouse swingers group, now I don't use my real name, but today checking my emails, one of the messages was as follows

Am a single guy and would be interested, this would be my first party as well; now its the guys email address, and for pretence, its

John Smith   johnsmith@email.cum

So this guys shares the same name as a family member, and is single; so obviously no more cj parties for me, it could just be coincidence he share the same name, but what if it not, and it is this family member

So it just show how careful you have to be, you never know when the unexpected might happen

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