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Author Topic: Stupidly obvious scam profile  (Read 429 times)

Offline Jamesmadden


Hopefully no punter is stupid enough to fall for this.

I added the number to my whatsapp a while ago and a picture of a thuggish looking young black male with two earings came up! Forgot to screenshot it at the time. The number has since changed and the new one has no no whatsapp profile.

The profile nationality has changed several times. Before, it was cuban, colombian and now shes brazilian  :dash:

The PG is £6
The webcam rates are £4 a min for group and £5 a min for private. Theres no face on group chat and no sound even though.
Bareback is also offered  :dash:

The profile has previous feedback so my conclusion is that its either stolen or all the feedbacks have been falsely generated.

Banning reason: Slagging off UKP membership

Offline jsparky

Her feedback are all directcam service and the one escort feedback is a fake! Probably her pimp/boyfriend that you saw. She might be real women but certainly a dodgy profile.

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