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Author Topic: uniqu3_princ3ss - Nottingham  (Read 588 times)

Offline Ipunter


This is an interesting escort.  She offers free meets (don't get excited) you'll get to go shopping with her... And Dom shit, nothing sexual. You have to stay on cam with her for 4 minutes to be entered in for a chance, then she writes your AW name on her profile.

If you're a sissy you get discounted rates on everything.

She likes older men, mainly ones with BBCs, she's also looking for a sugar daddy if anyone is interested.

She has massive tits!

She's stared in fake agent and fake taxi:

Fake agent: e156 - can't find a working link
Fake taxi: e190 - www.watchxxxfree.com/fake-taxi-barbie/ you will get a couple pop ups

All in all, she looks like a good laugh a little high on the prices. I would

Saw her on cam before (didn't pay,freeview). Seems off her tits on something most of time, constantly slurring words. Personally not my type. Fake as fuck. Expensive. Only interested in money from what I can tell and seeing a few fb. Each to their own though

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