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Author Topic: German holiday Day 3: Kaarst - Farell Lounge (It's Birthday Time!!)  (Read 774 times)

Offline Snake93

So, before I go into the details about today's action, I must say that I was wrong about Dusseldorf  :blush:.

I explored the area around the river last night and this morning and it's really, really nice!  The Rhein promenade and old town are sights not to be missed for first time visitors.

So apologies in advance, but everything is a blur.  Arrived to the lounge (S28 to IKEA Kaarst) a couple of minutes early and there were already 4 other guys waiting to go.

Doors opened, the lovely people honor the discount pass from yesterday and away we go.

Enter the bar where I see 8 lovely ladies having drinks!  Today is going to be a good day.

Line-up:  See advert all ladies were present and all are as advertised.  Definitely truth in advertising practiced here.
http://www.fickanzeiger.com/sexpartys/index.php?id=1437450410 (Rafiella was replaced by Baby Brown Sugar)
Couples: Two of note:
- Very hot looking blonde with fantastic breasts wearing nothing but a red fishnet dress (nice!!!).  She gave boys oral, but didn't fully participate other than with her beau.
- Sabrina: Tall, creamy pale skin and large natural breasts.  Long hair and very athletic.   She was wearing a tight, slutty hot pink two piece (yummy).  She more openly participated (unfortunately,  I was not one of her playmates).

Session #1
Naturally,  it didn't take long until I found Giulia again for more OWO (hey, if ain't broke, don't fix it #simpleman) This quickly turned into a spirited doggie session,  hard and fast like she likes it.  This went on for quite a while, so we agreed to take a break.

Session #2
Get a drink and I'm summoned by the oh so lovely Simone Engels (lady is built like a goddess).  "Lose those trousers" (Why yes ma'am!) "That is much better".  She goes in for some OWO, solid technique with tongue flicking and swirls around my member.  He is ready to go in no time. On to the large bed area for some mish and she is tight!  The moans she made turned me on even more and we had a great session as I finished inside her for cup #1.

Things get a little hazy from there.  And it got crazy busy.  Got brushed off by Baby Brown Sugar and then Lexy Skye :thumbsdown: :dash: :thumbsdown:.  Again, rolling with the punches.

Session #3
Things were really busy, so I took getting ready for a session into my own hands (literally).  And behold, Vanessa Fox becomes available!   And it's not long before she's throwing her perfect ass back at me as hard as she could :yahoo:.  We went at it for a good while until cup #2 was served.  Man that was good!!!

Went for a victory lap and got some food.  Good timing,  as it was the start of a long break.  To be fair, the ladies were pretty good in terms of working in teamlets of 3-4 ladies rotating on and off.   But this was a BREAK (like intermission at a really naughty play).   Everyone stopped.

After the break, I patiently waited for Humeira Ophelia to become available.   Good decision :cool:. She starts on with OWO and then went for Mish, resulting in cup #3.   Bonus round: she allows RO!  Offered to finish her off with a good muff and she accepted.   Good reactions and she held my head tight as she came. Hard!! Good times  :D :P :lol:.

Went downstairs and ran into a regular from LMP / Phoenix club (we will call him Jake) :drinks:.  We chatted for a bit comparing the two "parties".  We agreed that Phoenix offered better action but SF had decent action at a much lower price and longer time allotment tradeoffs...)

This guy stole the show and put on quite an exhibition with the boss lady:
- RO, which led to a deep thundering orgasm that is signature of Saskia
- Saskia fingering herself and then proceeding to squirt directly into his mouth (he took it all with a smile)
- Followed by more doggie for Saskia which let to another orgasm for her (sure the whole house heard).
- Jake didn't cum yet, so they switched to Mish and SF started OWO on me....  She started to moan and wait for it came again (she obviously stopped with me)!!!  What a woman!!! :hi: :yahoo:
- A couple of moments go by, she's laying there and I go in for RO.  Start to show my talents and she goes off like a rocket.  I'm starting to see why she owns the place, goodness this woman loves sex!!!

Took another break to actually celebrate Saskia's birthday and met Ron, an American Expat and former Basketball player living the dream.  Man is 60 years old and he is married to a beautiful German (Sabrina described above) woman with massive natural tits and a dancers body :drinks:.  He gave Jake and I some tips about the German swinging scene (attire, decorum, etc.).  Also gave us a bit of color about why he moved to Germany (hint, the Women really love sex and the authorities don't give damn about what grown folks do as long as it's sade and consensual).  Really nice guy!

Back to work... :sarcastic:  Final session of the day.

The lovely lady's name was Meli For some reason the Germans love their Blonde women and she was left all alone for me (don't mind if I do!! )  Lovely girl :hi:.  We started and my member went to sleep.  She worked some OWO magic and boom, he's awake! Onto Mish where cup #4 was served.

Went down to chat some more to Ron until the final group session began.  Went back upstairs and tried again with Simone Engels (man that woman is gorgeous! ).  She gave a good effort with OWO, but the little guy was fast asleep (Damn him!!) :diablo:.

Girls put on a good show with Saskia going down on Mia de Berg.  Nice orgasm.

That was effectively the end of the party for me.  Got dressed, thanked Saskia and the ladies and headed off.  There were s good number of guys drinking and hanging out when I left (didn't look like they were in a hurry).

In summary, I think a place like this takes time as you need to build up a rapport with the girls.  Speaking German also helps (I speal none).  That said, I'll give SF another go if I head back to Dusseldorf (probably won't do another dedicated trip).  I felt myself being tentative and had very little idea of what was going on (I managed).

Good action with genuinely hot women.  Problem for us spoiled London Punters is that we can get this at home (albeit at a much higher price point).

On to Cologne tomorrow to try Mondial before heading back to Berlin.

Thanks for reading!

Non-punting points:
- @Jerboa - stayed in Dusseldorf given 1) Not driving 2) Not much to do in Kaarst
- Got the Dusseldorf Welcome card which covered all my travel needs.  Used it going to Kaarst and it was fine.  In the very low percentage chance I'm audited, I was fully prepared to play the "dumb tourist" card.
- Got dinner tonight at Tokyo Lounge.  If you're a big eater and like Sushi, check it out.  http://www.yelp.com/biz/tokyo-lounge-d%C3%BCsseldorf-2 All you can eat Sushi for €28 plus drinks and tip.  Very good food and great atmosphere.  Would take friends here for sure.

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Excellent report Snake, thanks for sharing.  :hi:

Can you confirm price and duration ? From website looks like a flatrate of Eur 89, but is that for all parties irrespective of duration ? Thanks.

Also found this link from Jerboa's previous reports which has some more pics of the girls you saw - http://www.saskia-farell.com/service/girls/

Will definitely have to check this place out some time  :D   

Offline Snake93

Excellent report Snake, thanks for sharing.  :hi:

Can you confirm price and duration ? Price was €110 for 7 hours of partying.  I used the €10 voucher I received yesterday so it ended up being €100.  There are longer breaks in the action than you might be used to at a Phoenix party.

Also found this link from Jerboa's previous reports which has some more pics of the girls you saw - http://www.saskia-farell.com/service/girls/

Will definitely have to check this place out some time  :D

Hi there, thanks for the comment and for inserting the link :thumbsup:!  Please see my response above in Red.

Online Steve2

Nice reporting Snake

Looking forward to the rest of your trip

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Offline Jerboa

Good report, sounds like you had fun. Yes Düsseldorf's Alte stadt by the river is pleasant with many bars and restaurants.

Someone asked about prices at FL, they have different prices on different events, The price is shown on the website, on the Thursday parties there are two prices for men, two hours for €79 or full party for €99.

Offline adindas

Excellent report snake ....

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Thanks for the pricing updates gents :hi:

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