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Author Topic: Lara Black Northants  (Read 598 times)

Contemplating diving into this one at the weekend but 3 things not sitting right...
Lack of feedback
Profile pic real or not?
Profile seems to make her sound classy but does Car meets which a girl with her stated standards surely wouldn't do?
Anyone been there?  :hi:


Offline tnalove

Not been there but there is feedback - about a girl called Sacha.

I don't really get the high class thing you refer to - car meets as you say, blog about financial domination, pic with cock up fanny, profile clearly not written by her and in Kettering  :thumbsdown:
Banning reason: Fluffy

Offline Tuffers

Hi saw Lara a while back when she had a profile under the name of Precious - see review below.


Saw her a couple of times, think she's in still in Wellingborough where I saw her last.

She's a bright, pleasant girl with a great body and can hold a conversation - very vanilla but a decent shag  :thumbsup:

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