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Author Topic: nicole blondi & Alessia Brunette Chadwell Heath  (Read 587 times)

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Offline spiderwebber


Waste of time.
Cut a long story short, called, spoke to a lady who aid she's the girl on the pictures, discussed services, all good. Drove there, took ages.
Arrived on time and called again, Discreet Bungalow.
Went in, met by the exact gorgeous made up blonde in the photos who couldn't speak any English.
Turns out her house mate and fellow WG Alessia Brunette was the girl on the phone and the only English speaker.

Anyway, tried to discuss services, had gut feeling to walk, but she was so good looking with such a sweet smell and look and smile that I stayed - very sweet girl, beautiful everything skin, tits, feet, legs, firm fantastic arse, , loads of make up which I like - but without it she is lovely anyway.
Cut a story getting long short - some french kisisng, not DFK, and she seemed too tame to even try anything - ended up giving her some Oral, she kept squeezing her legs shut and arching her back - fuck sake, couldn't even get her to wank me off with her feet. She gave Oral without though and that was ok.
Anyway ended up getting wanked off by her (covered), shooting a load and spent the next 30 mins out of an hour booking looking at pictures on her phone with her and 'chatting' using limited English and google translate, giggling etc, while I was touching her arse and stuff - left more desperate than ever so when her mate said goodbye, I decided to stay and have a go at her as she seemed more up for it, very tall good looking girl, spoke good english - spent 30 min with her with not much kissing but plenty of oral and fucking mish and her on top - but she didn't like her nipples being touched nor her feet - and didn't like doggy.

So all in all £160 wasted shit punts.

Positives Nicole:
Very attractive, clean, smooth firm.
very sweet
Met with a kiss and when leaving she asked if I would see her again, kissing my neck and face - before I came back in and fucked her mate.

NOT an Experienced WG and in my opinion not fit for the job - too sweet and shy.
No clue as to what a punter wants.
Would make a great Girlfriend but a shit "Punt" and not a real slut

Positives Alessia:
Tall, nice figure though very slim.
Friendly and quite enchanting
Good fuck in Mish and with her on top.
Good oral without.

Didn't like doggy, didn;t like her nipples touched or sucked or anything.
Shit "Punt" - if I wanted this tame stuff I'd stay home with the Missus.

Overall - I want OWO, DFK, foot fetish, sex in diff positions, plenty of slutty action - and with Nicole  there was none, with Alessia there was too little with many drawbacks - Alessia dishonest as all services were discussed on phone at first contact and just outside.
I should've walked.

So all in all, AVOID both unless you want to pay half hour for Nicole to do a strip tease and show her lovely body, smearing lipstick over you and wanking you off afterwards.
Banning reason: Abusive arrogant fluffy

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Offline king tarzan

This alisha looks like those brazilian trannies
you see on TV in the Rio carnival

The blond looked tasty though

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