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Author Topic: Anybody tried this thai spa in worcester at all  (Read 1140 times)

Offline Stapler

Recognise Nam in the photos on the site. She used to work in Birmingham with Nicki. You will get a decent massage from her with a happy ending. No intrusive touching though.

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Offline vision2014

I looked at her photo a few times last night and went to bed thinking ive seen this lady before now you have confirmed it for me thanks should be a decent place to try I shall give it ago  next week

Offline bod666

I thought I'd written a review for this but can't find it. I went ages ago. It was ok. It was a decent massage with a happy ending but not erotic at all. The big negative for me was they didn't have a shower so had to go home covered in oil.

Karen is better and Christina even better still for the sensual tantric experience.

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