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Author Topic: New to punting in Prague  (Read 1329 times)

Guys I’d appreciate some help, I’m a real newby for punting abroad.
I’m going on holiday to Prague for the first time in a few months.
I’ve punted in the UK, mainly outcalls to escorts, I’d like to try out the ladies in Prague.
With these it’s always been a case of pick a lady from whichever website, the cost is up front as are the services. In the UK you can reasonably expect OWO, French Kissing and protected sex in with the price.

The plan I’ve come up with is to visit one of the clubs that offer an escort service and select from there.
What should I expect?
Will I get the same service as I would in the UK? Should I expect to pay more?
Would I be able to get transport back to my hotel with them? Sweet Paradise mentions this, do any of the others offer it?

The clubs that seem to have a good reputation:
Sweet Paradise
AAA club
K5 club
Neon Club
Is this a good list?

Thanks for any help you can give!

Offline Jerboa

If you're going to Prague for tourism and want to punt on the side fine, but if you've picked Prague for punting you've made the wrong choice.

Offline kevin

Prague is a good location for punting. I have been to Prague twice for punting. You have many privates and only issue is you have to call them and make a appointment. It doesn't matter even if you call 30 minutes in advance. My favorite place is Sexy Prague and Lolitas. It cost you 50 Euros for 60 minutes. Even I tried this porn star once and it was fine for me...http://www.luckyprivat.cz/
Better look into www.sex.cz for more info...
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