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Author Topic: Nipple Tweaking - Receiving!  (Read 1045 times)

Offline a10

It sounds like the people who enjoy this are mostly submissives, so it's kind of weird that some girls assume all guys like it. It's happened to me a few times, I just say "I don't like that" and they stop, so no big deal.

I've had a girl take one of my balls completely into her mouth (not just lick) without being prompted, and that was a terrifying experience! Not only was it a really strange sensation that I wasn't expecting, I was pretty much paralysed while it was happening and unable to say anything. Not nice!

I like that, personally. Both pods in her mouth and plenty of saliva, heavenly!

As for the nipple thing, never done anything for me. Once had a WG really go for it: fake moans and gasps, sighing and rolling the eyes as she flicked and licked my nipples. Took her a couple of minutes to realise I was lying there just staring at her. A simple "that does nothing for me" delivered in a deadpan monotone stopped her in her tracks and she got back to the good stuff.

Online Steptoe

A comment I made on another thread reminded me.....
On a few occasions I have had my nipples tweaked whilst receiving head. It does nothing for me. In fact the total opposite. I stop enjoying the moment and have to either say 'no thanks' or move the hands away.
Just curious.....any blokes find it enjoyable?
As it has happened on a few occasions I can only guess that some blokes encourage it?

Absolutely agree with you - nipple tweaking is a real enjoyment killer.
I saw Ling at Cosmpolitan a couple of weeks ago and the nipple tweaks she gave me BLOODY HURT. Hurt for a few days after as well.  Ruined the whole session for me.  All her other services were fine - but tweaking? No thanks


Offline Huawei

I find this one of those things that has a fine line between pleasure and pain. For me it's got to be built up slowly - some regulars have got this off to a fine art. Starting by just rubbing, or scraping with a fingernail through my shirt while we start DFK, building up to a bit more with the shirt off, and then a bit of licking and sucking. Finally some nibbling and harder sucking.

I agree though, that a hard unexpected tweak can kill the moment, so it's a fine balance for me, and WGs that get it right have a valuable skill in my eyes - or they're just lucky!

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