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Author Topic: Sensual Lucy (central Leeds)  (Read 1466 times)

3 review(s) for Sensual_Lucy__ (1 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline BP96

www.adultwork.com/3061030 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sensual%5FLucy%5F%5F

I booked based on the prior review here.

She seemed quite abrupt on the phone and when I was waiting outside the apartment. However, when I saw her face to face she was pleasant and friendly.

I phoned/texted and booked for an hour. When I got in she asked if I wanted an hour or half an hour. I confirmed that I wanted an hour whereupon she told me that I could only cum once. She did consider allowing me to have one pop via oral/hj and the other through sex but then decided against it.

She explained that it wasn't pleasant to have sex five times a day six days a week. I don't think she likes this part of her job!

So half an hour it was.

I received a light touch massage followed by covered oral and I only managed a few minutes of sex.

She didn't kiss but was affectionate and kissed my neck etc during sex.

She was extremely chatty and very friendly throughout and afterwards. Very quick to smile and good company. We must have chatted for 40 minutes or so after the appointment and it was nice to make a connection on a person-to-person level.

Overall I probably wouldn't book again because I like more of a GFE experience but I'm sure with her good looks and fit body she will be a good punt for others.

3 review(s) found for Sensual_Lucy__ linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline bod666

I feel honoured that I got two pops in the hour during my visit - but the pop 2 was by hand.

Apologies if my review misled you - I thought I said that it wasn't really a gfe?

Gotta say while I empathise with her comment re not pleasant shagging 5-6 guys a day there is a simple answer. The best girls restrict themselves to 3 a day so they still have enthusiasm.

I did get the feeling with Lucy that she really wants to be offering a massage service - guess she likes the extra money from shagging.

I would see her for a tantric style massage but I wouldn't pay normal escort rates for it.

Leeds does feel a bit barren of good girls at the moment that actually enjoy their work  :manhater:

Offline johnboy007

Hmmm... I'd probably start with the 30 minute booking anyway, but a girl should never mention anything regarding previous punts or how many times she gets dicked in a day, I'd find it a bit off putting.
Banning reason: Abusive + Leaver

Offline BP96

Apologies if my review misled you - I thought I said that it wasn't really a gfe?

Yes, you did, which is fair enough.

It was probably a combination of that and thinking with my dick. Plus Sweet Kaya didn't reply to my text  :unknown:

Offline bod666

Yah I got no guaranteed good punts in Leeds now  :dash: Which is shocking when you consider the size of the city.

Not enough guys toftt and reporting back in my opinion  :thumbsdown:

Offline stevedave

Yah I got no guaranteed good punts in Leeds now

Completely agree with this, I have been thinking much the same for a good few weeks.

My fallback punt, for want of a better term, is Cute Jenny...and as nice as she is, she's not exactly a world beater (great body and fab OWO though). But it would be good to have a few more options, especially in the city centre - not Clarence Dock.

That said, I hopefully have a couple of punts lined up for this week...fingers crossed they work out (though neither fit my city centre requirements)

Yeah I've noticed Leeds isn't great at the moment for new indys. My next couple are likely to be playmates.

Offline costa

 Alicia and Amelie at playmates have some cracking reviews , I normally just see the same girl month in month out so very rarely search for new girls to visit but fancy a break and these two look really good to me .

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