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Author Topic: Natural bushes  (Read 705 times)

Offline localdriver75


Bushes are making a comeback in porn.

Do you know of any wg's that are making a return to growing their, or who have one already.

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Offline lean3591

Yes  i know 2.  Probably not in your location.  Just tick the search box for natural.
Personally i prefer the natural pubes, but will accept any!

Keep 'em shaved is my vote. And properly too. Cunt stubble is not enjoyable.
(Insert 'Good evening Cunt Stuble' joke here)
I've had a couple of experiences where it has been a soft downy covering, rather than the full forest and that was ok but silky smooth is how I like 'em

Been lots of threads on this but for the record I love a natural bush but sadly there are very, very few young slim prossies that don't shave.  I regularly search on AW but always without luck.

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