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Offline pdq

Been looking for goodun for a while and stumbled on this diamond,
could easily see her being my future regular - best in a long long time

https://www.adultwork.com/2914245 or https://www.adultwork.com/%2ETiffany%2E

Sexy Polish woman - does all promised  - understands english but a little hesitant at times, but no problems what so ever.
Happy smiley , infectious giggle, sexually  confident, struck me as a pleasant and nice person.
Offered a shower and when i walked into the room she was standing naked and waiting to wrap her arm around me

Good kisser with no hesitation  easily moved on to giving me a good blow job.
Tried to impale her self with a great deep throat on me.
Easily moved to new positions flexible and does things without hesitation.
Gently holding her head i was able to throat fuck her as deep as i could - pausing she immediately started sucking 
Stood by the edge of the bed doing her doggy and she was pushing back as much as i was thrusting
so stood still and enjoyed the ride.
Only thing i didn't get was anal but shes slim and i have been refused before, so not into hurting folk i believe her when she said too big
( no problem with me putting 2 fingers in her arse stretching it ready for me to try)
so started deepthroating  and ended up coming down her throat  - she kept on me while i was coming and only stopped
when i was relaxed so so good.   

I took a shower to cool down and clean up
came out quick chat while getting dressed  and as I was leaving gave me a great kiss goodbye

she does ffms with a friend i am so going to try them both -
So do me a favour  gents and dont fuck it up with being twats etc as I definitely want to try that again 
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4 review(s) found for .Tiffany. linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline BP96

I definitely didn't rate her, my review (in wrong section) is here:


Nevertheless, horses for courses...

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