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Author Topic: Noholesbarred81  (Read 1290 times)

Offline mrsaxon

Middlesbrough is a punting dessert has anyone got any feedback on
My last two punts were both drugged up or drunk in my opinion upon arrival so it would be nice to find a good shag in Middlesbrough!

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I've checked her out, a few emails and good comes but have yet to see her, she does seem legit.
Out of interest, who were your last two punts (incase they're on my list)

Offline doriangray

I arranged to see katie (noholesbarred81) one evening last week - the comms were good up until the time of actually meeting. Pulled up onto road as per address/post code provided, then texted for house number - no reply. Called, and to be fair, she did answer, however, apparently her dad turned up earlier in the afternoon and she could no longer meet. Upon asking why she hadn't told me this sooner and saving me the 45 min drive over, some lame excuse that she hadn't saved my number and couldn't remember which number was mine (in other words, she hadn't bothered her arse to get in touch to call it off).

She made no apologies or offer to make it up next time, wouldn't mind if she sounded genuine and her dad had turned up, but it all sounded like BS to me. And frankly, her matter of fact attitude has pissed me off and so i won't be re-arranging. Shame, like I say, the comms up until then had been good, so maybe she may hve been telling the truth and is worth a try (by someone else)
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Offline mrsaxon

That sounds shit sorry mate!
Middlesbrough/Stockton/Teesside is a graveyard for a filthy anal milf I am getting desperate!!

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