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Author Topic: Weekend in Hessen  (Read 1416 times)

Offline Jerboa

I drove down from Kaarst to Hessen, should of been a 2hr drive, but the traffic on Autobahn was horrendous, took me 5hrs! I finally got to my hotel in Darmstadt, only a 7min walk from Sharks. The club is on a industrial estate, behind a Seat dealers, entry is €65 for day pass, soft drinks and food included, found my locker and took a shower, I explored the club a bit, it's a industrial unit with high beems and supports, but they've fitted out the club inside it, large bar in centre, plenty of lounge area, porn cinema, sauna and steam room, two jacuzzis and a indoor pool, outside the garden area is nice, a swimming pool, lots of deck chairs, a bar and bbq area, and has numerous shale huts around the edge to take a girl. I was starving so I got some bbq and a drink and took a seat, plenty of chance to spot the talent as they walked past.

Majority of the line up are Romanians, usual dark tan and dark hair, but also a few blondes, there were a couple of Africans, and a Asian looking girl, after dinner I wandered around, getting propositions from the girls, but was in no mood to rush, went upstairs to the jacuzzi, a older blonde squatted in front of me, could see her old fanny as she spoke, this was Silvana she's from Italy, and must be in her 50's, I've read about her on ISG, she looks like Donatella Versache, had to many cosmetics ops and is not a Milf more a Gilf lol, usually I'd of stayed clear, but it seemed like she was a dirty cow, and her boast was that she was the best at bj's in the club, well I guess she's had many years to perfect it, so took her to a nearby room, she wasn't lieing, a very good BJ, lots of spit and deep, she didn't stop early, kept up sucking for 15mins, I wanted sex, so got condom, and Silvana jumped on top, good session, finished in Mish, €50 damage.

Had a shower and rested, got a drink, then took a swim in the outdoor pool, beautiful day for a swim, not many people used the pool, I liked cooling down in there, had a sauna and walked around a bit, I spotted a black girl, dark skin, pretty face, big butt wearing pig tails, I noticed her earlier going to a room, the guy looked happy when he left, always a good sign of a good service minded girl, so had a chat with her, name was Winnie, said she was from Italy, but originally from Jamaica, these girls do talk some bollocks, to a European guy he'd probably believe that, but saying this to me, I know how a Jamaican accent is, she was obviously African, but she was nice and friendly, we went to look for a room, but rooms were busy, so took a sit on one of the seats, after about 30mins, we got a room, good time, a well done BJ, and she likes kissing, was in no rush as her BJ was great, but had to shag that pussy, Winnie got on top first, I grabbed hold of her big butt, a very nice 30mins was had, €50 damage.

It was about midnight now, club was open till 4am-5am I rested and thought about another session, spent more time in the sauna and steam rooms, and watch some lesbian porn in the kino, I had a few offers, but wasn't bothered, so left at 3am and headed back to my hotel. Sharks is a good club, a decent line up, good facilities and I never had a girls trying to upsell me, would recommend the club to anyone in the Frankfurt area. http://www.fkk-sharks.de/

Today I'm heading off to Palace to bait some sharks. ;)

Offline vt

So you took Winnie to a room...Jamaica?...No, she said 'I'm Ghana cum willingly'!  :D

Good luck with the shark-baiting!!  :thumbsup:

Offline Jerboa

Fkk Palace

I booked Fleming hotel which is next door to Palace, handy and reasonable price, checked in at 2pm, bag in room and straight over to the club, €75 entry and got some lunch, not so many girls in this early, also I've heard the club isn't so busy in the summer, because they have no outside area, I had a sauna and a paddle in the pool, then went to the porn kino, to watch the matinee "Gaping Assholes" a few girls came to tempt me with a session, but I wanted to relax, a couple of hours later I bumped into Stella, she's a very pretty German blonde, slim body with real pert boobs, took her to a room, she tried upselling, but not to hard, did normal 30min session with a good be and sex in many postitions, not a wild shag, but satisfactory, especially if you like shagging pretty Germans, the cheeky bunt asked for a tip when I paid her, I told her no chance love, I'm not American. Just had a decent dinner, will now go and find another girl.

Offline Jerboa

:lol: :cool: :dance: :yahoo: :scare: :crazy: :wacko:
Yeah it wasn't difficult when I was below her in the jacuzzi, and she was squatting naked, I bet that fanny has seen more helmets than Hitler, probably needs a full refurb.  :D

Offline Wanking

I bet that fanny has seen more helmets than Hitler, probably needs a full refurb.  :D

Hehe... Btw if anyone from the states is reading this, in England Fanny means Pussy and Not the Ass..  :wackogirl:

Its explained here https://youtu.be/LDsfzJXGAo8

Offline Jerboa

The rest of the night I considered a third session, the club was quiet, not as many girls, they've either gone for holiday, or moved clubs during the summer, but there was enough choice, a couple more young German blondes, one I talked to was called Kylie, very pretty girl, but I was in no rush, had another sauna and a dip in the pool, I got talking to Ilyda, a very nice looking Turk, she knows how to do sales, and had a sexy body, so took her to a room, good BJ nice and deep, what I noticed with some girls is they try to rush the session, by doing a 5min BJ then out comes the rubber, some soft punters might not say a word, as they don't want to upset her, not me, it's my Euros so I'm the boss, there is a fine line between being a rude asshole and being assertive but polite, if a window cleaner only did your downstairs windows you'd not be happy, girls try it on because most punters like to be led like sheep, Ilyda complied and kept sucking, 15mins in on with a condom, cowgirl first, she was energetic, then did doggy, she has a nice arse to grab onto, and finished in mish with her legs on my shoulders, a good session, could of been crap if I'd let her rush through, but as a experienced punter I know how to handle these ladies.

It was getting late now, gone 1am, the lounge wasn't as busy, less girls to pick from, I was content to relax and people watch for a hour, before leaving at 2am, I expected Palace not to be so busy, not a bad night, the sharks behaved themselves, or I didn't take their bait, I think €75 entry is to much, their competition at Sharks is €65, I think Palace is overpriced, maybe relying on all the foreign businessmen in town, also I didn't know that the boss of Palace also owns Paradies in Stuttgart and Artemis in Berlin, sometimes girls move from either club.

Today I'm heading to Fkk Oase, my last day in Hessen.

Offline Steve2

Glad you are having fun J


Offline Jerboa

Glad you are having fun J


I'am mate, been a good trip so far, back up to NRW tomorrow for a party with Sexi Susi. :)

Offline Jerboa

Fkk Oase

The club is a 15min drive from Frankfurt in the countryside, I booked a room nearby in the little village of Ober-Erlenbach, got to Oase at about 14:30, €70 entry, and got changed and showered, I was hungry, so went for some lunch, then took a wander around the club, a few nice looking girls, I took a seat outside by the pool, the club has a decent outside area, good to relax on a summers day, but later it got overcast, so I went back inside, had a sauna for a bit, then went in to see if there was anyone I fancied, I sat in the lounge area, girls kept approaching me, that's the Hessen rule I guess, some look hot and were tempting, but other girls aren't, some girls have few people skills, one Romanian told me she wanted to make me happy, I said joking ok give me 1 million euros, and her reply was why are you so arrogant? Oh fucking really? For some reason I didn't take this young lady to a room, well many of the girls are early 20's, and come across as hard nosed.

I wanted a session, but took my time, had another sauna, then had a sleep in a lounge chair outside the sauna, I must of been tired, as I woke up and it was 10pm, two hours later lol.
Went and ate some late dinner, the food is ok here, many complain on the forums about the standard of food, but I wasn't so fussy. A beer is €10 a bottle! I stuck to soft drinks, not paying those prices.

It seemed like there were less girls to be found, many day shift girls had gone, I guess because it's a Sunday, got talking to a girl in the kino, her name was Daniella, brunette with slim tanned body, said she was Spanish, yes luv and I'm from Papua New Gunia lol, in the room she gave a good BJ, kept spitting into a tissue, but still was good, again another girl who likes to get into sex fast, but I controlled things, and she kept sucking me for a good 15mins, on with the rubber and did various positions, Daniella was interactive, and did a good job, she tried to tell me time was nearly up, no luv we have a little longer, she didn't complain as she'd seen me check my watch when we got to the room, the girls do hate punters who can tell the time lol. :) so finished and paid the usual €50.

I got a drink and took a seat in the kino, a few girls came to see me, a couple I would session with, but I needed to recover first, and felt a bit tired, I ended up going at 1am, as the club was quiet, wasn't a bad day, I wasn't that bothered having multiple sessions, will save my energy for tomorrow, going to a sex party in Hattingen.  :thumbsup:

Offline adindas

Thanks you for Nice report J

Offline Jerboa

No problem it was my pleasure compiling it.  :D

Offline Hansolo69

Glad that you are having a good time away !
Well done on keeping the British end up.

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