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Author Topic: Lovelylauren35  (Read 925 times)


I rang The Retreat in the hope of seeing Lisa (of the huge nipples), to be told she has retired pretty much. Spoke to a lady called Lauren who sounded lovely and said she had same body type but not such big nipples (shame as Lisa's are spectacular).
Pretty sure I will see Lauren when I am in area next week, but doesn't anyone have any previous?


I have seen lisa big nipples some time ago and I met Lauren about 2 months ago.. She is just as her profile and very much wants to ensure u have a good time.  I explained what I was looking for in a 30 min visit and she delivered with a great toy show.

The only down site is some stretch marks around her waist.. But I wasn't looking at that for long when she was bent over with her toy in her pussy and my finger in her ass while she was sucking my my rigid fella (with)

I will be back to visit.

Go for it.


Thanks for that will def be seeing her later in the week. Keep an eye of for any Lisa sized nipples and let me know.


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