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Author Topic: graduation day...  (Read 1080 times)

Offline redt4

Well lucky ole me is currently working on a university campus on graduation day. .....making me feel a little hot under the collar to say the least...good times lol

Nah you want to be there at the start of the new year for fuck a fresher week  :drinks:

Offline redt4

Scary thing is when your looking at the students mums and thinking 'id do her' lol and probably got more chances with the mum these days  pmsl

Offline hexohm

 Far too many clothes on graduation day. Netball/hockey matches are where its at!!

Oddly enough its the mothers who dress inappropriately on graduating day, they think its ladies day at ascot, all cleavage and mini skirts. Their daughters are wearing sensible black skirts and gowns, that's also a look.

Offline Kerosene

When I worked at university graduation ceremonies the best fun was watching girls who don't normally wear heels trying to walk in heels.

Offline RedKettle

we should get a mention at the least - we have funded quite a few of the graduates!! :dance:

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