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Author Topic: Biggest Load Of C rap  (Read 1101 times)

Offline Corus Boy

You've ever read?

I never seem to stay on AW for very long. Mainly because I’m often whisked away for travel companionship or arrangements, so, without sounding big-headed, I challenge you to “catch me whilst you can!”…

The reason I don’t have much feedback is because I had a year long arrangement (see “Tea on demand” tab for more details) and ended up losing all 120+ positive ratings that I had accumulated. Yeah, I know- sucks!

I escort mainly for the companionship perks, hence why I only offer 2 hr minimum bookings. With me, not only do you get “beauty”, but brains also; I am currently studying a BSc degree and I have a full-time career. As a woman who truly appreciates the value of money, our time together will reflect this. I offer so much more than your usual, mechanical “wham, bam, thank you, m’aam”. To hell with it; I'll even offer you a glass of water if I'm in a good mood.

And on it goes!



Offline yorkshire123

Same phone number as this now defunct advertisement (Scotland) for a fat Romanian trollop, same girl?

There must be some serious mug punters out there to believe this tosh.
Banning reason: Making false malicious allegations against admin

Offline MasterB

Same profile word for word as CuppaTease.

Banning reason: White-knight fluffy

Offline pierrot

Why would you want to make a booking with someone whose only pic is of a fat arse.

Offline Ali Katt

Why would you want to make a booking with someone whose only pic is of a fat arse.
And barebacking as well.

Offline sushi

It goes on to say shes got 17 tattoos and a shaved head.

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