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Author Topic: milf Ambrosia – Greenwich outcall  (Read 1316 times)

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Offline Hydrant

https://www.adultwork.com/2763728 or https://www.adultwork.com/Milf+Ambrosia+

Outcall at my home in Greenwich: £150 for 90 mins

The venue: my place.

The comms: All very straightforward. Hers was one of nine bids on my reverse booking about a day in advance. She wasn’t the most obviously attractive bidder and she was the oldest, but her AW field reports, a couple of mentions on here, plus the chattiness of her message and a separate AW email she sent me in advance all gave out good vibes. Her usual price of £150 for a 90-minute outcall happened to be the same as my fee proposal so I didn't get the usual RB discount, but that didn't bother me. After a confirmation text in the morning she set off from her place near Stansted and arrived around 10 minutes early for our 11am booking.

The girl: Don’t know why, because there are only three pics on her profile and no head shots, but I expected her to be brunette. In fact she has shoulder-length died blonde hair. She’s quite small, very slim and was wearing a tight dress and towering heels, Her face is pretty but reflects her age of mid to late-40s. But her body, as she says on her profile, could easily belong to a 20-year-old.

In bearing, manner and speech, she’s a very classy lady. She’s bright, sounds prettily posh, and holds down a responsible day job as well as this secret second career. She mostly does bookings around her home patch near Stansted, and says she has so few pics on her AW profile (and no private gallery) purely as a precaution to make sure it stays secret.

The action: Just a short chat in the living room then on to the bed and off with the clothes. French kissing revealed a faint trace of smoker’s breath (not enough to bother me), then fondling and groping led on to the most delicious uncovered oral. Apart from lots of deep throat (she appears to have conquered her gag reflex entirely), what this lady can do with her lips and tongue deserves every superlative I can think of. Her technique is beyond superb.

Following my usual order of play this led on to 69 with lots of two-hole fingering and my probing tongue gave Ambrosia’s her first orgasm, which was a thing of beauty in itself. Then we moved on to vaginal fisting. I couldn’t get quite as far in as with Barbara Goldilocks from Prague the previous week (https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=61189) but all four fingers and thumb were sloppily swallowed up while she pleasured herself to another, slightly less dramatic, climax.

Next I asked for cowgirl and after rubbering up she rode me energetically at an ever-increasing pace until I came inside her.

After lots of side-by-side conversation she got me going again, first with her hands, then with that skilful mouth. This time I just lay back with my head propped up and watch her go for it while enjoying the deep waves of pleasure she was sending through my body.

These days I find it difficult to cum twice in short order, and almost impossible unless I’m the one controlling the pace. Seeming to understand this, Ambrosia got into a posiition where I could fuck her mouth as hard and as fast as I liked. But though I was hard as a rock I still couldn’t cum, dammit.

I asked her to use her hand on me super-quick, but after a few fruitless minutes I took over the chore myself while her mouth hovered above offering additional licks and kisses. Finally I made it happen and an apologetic drop of spunk crept out and slithered down my shaft. Felt beautiful though.

She was in no rush to leave and we sat and talked for a little while more before she cleaned us both up and got dressed. As she went out of the door I realised it was only a couple of minutes past the 90-minute mark. Not accidental of course, but it all felt natural and unrushed.

She does say on her profile that she’s prepared to travel a good distance for an outcall, and I’m glad I took her up on that. Highly recommended, and worth passing on the tip to our brethren in East Anglia too. What’s the standard procedure for that? Should I copy this review into the other sub-forum or just presume people will find it anyway?
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2 review(s) found for Milf Ambrosia linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline MasterB

Great review.
I will be adding my review of her on her home patch shortly
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