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Author Topic: Floricika-sexyy  (Read 452 times)

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I knew that 70£ for 1h + 20£ for A level sounded too nice. Pictures on AW should have raised the alarm level. But decided to pay a visit to Floricika in North Harrow.

https://www.adultwork.com/3003219 or

As I missed the train station and there were no taxi, I had to walk almost 30 min (also missed the buses...).

When I rang the bell, the door opened and it wasn't (of course) the girl that I was expected. But again, probably due to the long walk and the time wasted, I decided to enter, hoping that the services could be good.

Straight to the room upstairs. And then started the mess: "No I don't do A level". Of course I tried to clarify the situation and the supposed polish girl indicated immediately that her English was "No good, no good... Wait Baby, wait Baby". And she disappeared. Fortunately she came back less than 1 minute later with another girl, which was much nicer (slimmer, nice face, great boobs). I thought that I finally could get what I was there for. "You want A level?" "Yes Madam, that why I am here for"" And to my surprise this nicer girl (much more acceptable let's say...) could do it... until she asked how big I was!  :dash: I have to confess that being not a regular punter, but still with a bit of experience, it was the first time that this question was raised. As I was asking for an A level, I understood but replied that I had no idea how I was (I don't know for you guys, but this is not a question for which I ever found any answer (an objective one I mean! I am as I am, and I even don't think that I could change how I am...). Started something that looked like an annual check up and where I had to show my best friend to an unknown lady that was assessing my size! Verdict: too big! But even worse, it was too big for A level, but also for normal services!!!  :scare: :dash: :dash:
I couldn't believe it. All that mess and no service at all. :angry: But as you all know, you have to remain calm in all situations, in particular when you are the one to ask for something. And believe it or not: a third girl was invited to join the medical check-up! After the second girl, you easily imagine that this one wasn't a girl that you would have looked at in the street.... New assessment: to big for A level, but fine for normal service. I accepted it. Sorry guys,  but after all what I just went through, I was unable to leave.
Could I finally start what I was there for? Nop, still the price to be discussed! :mad: I think I was prepared to what would happen: 140£ for normal service!!! I said that I didn't want to stay 2 hours, but then I was offered 2 girls for 1 hour and it would be 200£. I thought that there were no candidate that could accept my best friend and now they wanted 200. This time , I raised the voice: 70£, 1 hour, 1 person as agreed on phone, and as on AW or I was leaving. :diablo: Negotiation closed at 70£! :yahoo:

Finally I got a bit of what I was interested in. If the girl wasn't nice looking, at least she tried to deliver a minimum. We finished 10 minutes before the expected time, but that was ok. I asked for a shower.  :sarcastic: She replied: "there is a shower, but only with cold water, and no towel! You have 5 minutes before leaving! :dash: :dash: :dash:

I asked before leaving when she was going back to Poland. "Poland? No I go to my country." So you are not Polish. Where are you from? "Romania...". Don't take me wrong guys, but after all what I read on UKP, I realized how naïve I was by having entered the house despite I realized that it was obviously not what I expected.


Service: negative
Girls: not as on AW (far from that!)
Rooms, bed: dirty
Hygiene: what is that?
Price: after discussions, as indicated on AW and agreed when appointment made

Do I need to add something? :wacko:

Those girls are to be avoided!!! even for 70£, it is a waste of money. If you lack money to pay what you are looking at, wait a bit more and continue saving until you can afford a nice punt. Then find another girl!!!!

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Hmm I dont even know from where to start....

Lets start by the fact that she is Hungarian and I met that girl before when I was living in Hungary. Here is sort of a Hungarian AW website link of her --->


Ok. what's next...

Her original name is Lola and she is very very good. It is true that she is not doing anal, however when I visited her she had a friend who did it and her link is --->


They have been working together for 3 years and probably are coming to UK together as well. Bia is doing A levels and I saw her as well and she was ok in total, however the Lola was very good in terms of service. Have to mention she does not have the best face, I would say ok, due to her disfigured teeth but she makes it up for superb service. Don't get me wrong guys, I am not promoting anyone here but I just want to say that if the girl is same as I saw in Budapest (because she is using her photos obviously) then I am going to definitely see her again and would recommend to everyone. (I even remember I took photos during my punt and still have them in my laptop to refresh the memory) One strange thing is that her AW link she says she is Polish which she obviously is not and it is a bit strange thing...

I would like to ask you few things since you already saw her. Can you facially describe her? Would you say she has a bit disfigured face with not the best aligned teeth? Anything else you can add to the whole picture? Also the other girl you saw who offered anal, was it Bia?

I do not question the integrity of the reviews, especially from the new people because I was new to this forum not so long ago and I know how members here feel about new punters posting their reviews and thinking its a tout all that kinda stuff which I get it, but I do not believe we are talking about the same girl, even though the pictures are same, she was one of the best punts I ever had...
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Thanks Chimera for your views.

I am 100% sure that none of the two girls that the links your provided were in that house. As I said I am not a regular punter, but did a sufficiently during the 20 past years to recognise when a picture is outdated (I also don't look like the pic on my passport anymore for a while...).

What I should have indicated in my initial post is that all of the signals were there to recognise a fraud: too low price, too nice pictures of the girl, age of the girl, pictures not showing the face, a list of services so long that you even never thought that one person could do all that, etc.

The positive thing: I really enjoed the walk in London surbub, and I finally managed to pass by Wembley (just in the train, i know, but still :D).

So again, avoid those girls, there are many others that deserve our attention, but not those one.


I see mate...

I was very happy when I saw that pictures and was getting ready to see Lola again but its a scam profile so  :thumbsdown:

Sometimes you get lucky with low prices but usually when you see low price and everything ticked something is not right.

I hate all this fake profiles with Bait and Switch tactics... Too much mess on AW... :unknown:

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