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Author Topic: Tiffany Katies moulin rouge doncaster  (Read 923 times)

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So feeling really horny and decided to visit Katies. There were a three girls on offer, but Tiffany caught my eye. She has lovely eyes!! Tiffany is lovely. She likes to get hot and sweaty. So no massage and just started kissing and snogging exploring each others bodies!! Tiffany decided it was time to changed things up a little. So oral it was, Tiffany puts her all into oral, with mainly mouth and very little use of hands and god is it good!! She takes it all in!! And watching her you can't but help feel turned on!! and grab hold and push down. After a bit I needed to stop so it was my turn to return the favour. And boy does she love this, I love licking pussy especially when you can feel a girls body quiver and legs tremble!! It was then time for the condom and sex with me on top the Tiffany riding me till I shot my load!!

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