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Author Topic: Melissa - PassionVip  (Read 656 times)

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Hey all,

I'm an Asian guy studying here, and this my first punt, admittedly. I decided to go with an agency as its my first time, and I decided to try an outcall booking with PassionVip.

I initially asked for Abbi from the same agency but she wasn't working today, and my second choice was Melissa. Everything was settled very easily and fast for a same day booking. Booking through the website, text message to confirm.

Communication with agency 10/10

I booked Melissa for an hour (I blame myself for overestimating myself, more of that later) starting 10.30pm. 5 minutes to the time booked, I received a call from her saying she'll be 10 mins late. Fine.

She finally arrived at 10.40pm. Being a first timer, I studied her picture intently because I was afraid of getting hustled or something.. Anyway, through the peephole, she wasn't exactly what I had in mind, (I actually went back to the website to confirm after she left, and I think it WAS her, but MAN... do they know how to make anyone look amazing in pictures). BUT, she wasn't half bad either, so I let her in.

Of Italian descent, her English was good, with an italian accent. Offered her water, had some small talk.. The usual... She then asked if I wanted OWO as that would cost 20 extra. I opted to not go with this as like I said before, first time. I knew I would probably last 30 seconds only.

Off to my bedroom. Clothes off. Some neck kissing. I realised she didn't really wanna kiss me on my mouth. Didn't think much about it. Got me hard. Slipped a condom on for some oral. And lo and behold, round 1 was up.

We then just sat and chatted a little. I have to say she genuinely was interested in holding a conversation. Talking about her life, family, blabla.. There was no awkward silence. Then, she reached for her clothes as if it was over. By that time, only half an hour had passed. ONCE AGAIN, just stressing that it's probably my fault for booking such a long time, but I assumed I was able to cum as many times I could within that hour. I casually asked about that, and she said its only cum once. doesn't matter if it takes me 1 min or 1 hr to cum. I was like... wtf..

To be honest, I doubted that I would be able to go for round 2 anytime soon. 1: she looked FAR more attractive in pictures, and in person, she's pleasant looking, but not really my type. 2: it was kinda a turn off when it looked like she was ready to leave as soon as I came.

From then onwards, I thought everything would just go downhill. BUT, I have to say, I was wrong, and pleasantly surprised. she went out to my living room and continued chatting with me. As I play the piano and have a keyboard at home, she even asked me to play something, because she never learned any instrument and wanted to see someone play. So I played something... How could I refuse a lady? lol.. Only then did she leave but not before a quick kiss on my cheek.

All in all, the whole thing was about 45-50 mins long. ONCE AGAIN, its probably my fault for not booking just half hour. But I believe its more of the agency that I blame for not presenting their 'rules' a little clearer. (or is it just a general rule that you can only come once and I did not know about??) I have nothing against Melissa, in fact I would give her 9/10 for her enthusiasm, especially even after knowing this is my first time.

I'd give 10/10 for comms with the agency.
5/10 for not stating rules properly, or telling me in advance. e.g. 20 extra for OWO. (Or maybe this is just something I need to learn).
9/10 for Melissa herself. I think the thing that stood out was her genuine enthusiasm. which I liked.

Thats it for me. Hopefully this review is a little useful. I need to now reconsider my punting life, and how on earth am I going to last more than 5 minutes.  :dash:


Offline bod666

Dude so sorry to hear about your first time experience but you got screwed over  :diablo:

Normally the rule is cum once in a 30 minute booking, unlimited cum in an hour booking. It is all open to negotiation though.

I've never used an agency myself but I had considered passion vip a few times - definitely not now. You should complain to the agency.

She took advantage of your inexperience - bang out of order.

And I have to say - why on earth didn't you pick one of the well reviewed girls on here for your first time? You would have had a much better time.
« Last Edit: July 15, 2015, 12:46:13 AM by bod666 »

Well, most on AW won't do outcall to someone who doesn't have feedback. (I'm a member there but because I'm new, I didn't wanna try incall. Having not tried before, means I don't have any feedback.. yea you get it..)

I decided to try an agency as I hoped it would be easier. And yeah, I've read on this site about the [once in half hour, unlimited in an hr], thats why I was a little surprised when she said that. Then again, newbie here. probably wouldnt know how to argue and demand.

I'm not saying the agency is bad, I would just advise to lower your standards a little after seeing the picture gallery. haha.. Perhaps more experienced punters will have a better time with her.

She ripped you off and probably the agency too. They aren't meant to charge extra at P VIP for anything as far as I am aware and I have been using them for 5-6 years, fixed rates for the hour. 140 for new girls (avoid) 150 for a mixed bag and 160 for the full service (some of them aint great either)

Call the agency let them know. Sorry your first time wasn't great m8, leave a poor review on their site and watch it get edited like mine always are lol

Don't despair. Punting is like walking into Wetherspoons ; sometimes you find a gem with great service and a nice atmosphere and sometimes you walk into a freak show with sh!tty burgers where everyone stares at the 'outsider' from parts o'er yonder hills

Dude so sorry to hear about your first time experience but you got screwed over  :diablo:

Normally the rule is cum once in a 30 minute booking, unlimited cum in an hour booking. It is all open to negotiation though.

they do 30 min bookings....how much is it?

They don't do 30 or 45 min minute bookings and same price for in or out calls

Offline pianodave

I can't believe people still use this agency. So many bad reports.

Same experience here years ago, terrible service and over when you cum. What would happen if you booked 4 hours, still one cum? They are just rip off merchants.

I complained and they just hung up. Never again.

Also stop making excuses for them. Yes the ageny is bad, no it wasn't your fault. You got totally shafted and taken for a ride. It was basically a mugging.
« Last Edit: July 15, 2015, 01:23:54 PM by silvero »

Yeah, thanks for your replies. Appreciate it. Guess I just need to learn. haha..

Offline sjm79

Yeah, thanks for your replies. Appreciate it. Guess I just need to learn. haha..

I've only used Passion VIP once and had a good experience. It seems that they have 'elite' girls at £160ph which include oral and fk, I guess you picked one of the girls that don't offer these services. Could be explained a little more clearly by the agency

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