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Author Topic: Jessica Posh (Chadwell Heath) - Amazing first punt  (Read 4040 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2285602 or https://www.adultwork.com/jessica%5Fposh

This is my first review so please be kind. I have been a lurker on this site for the past month and a bit so apologies for not contributing earlier. Also thank you to everyone that contributes to this site as I would have never done something like this without your posts. Anyway, emo stuff out the way on with the review.

I came across Jessica's profile about a month ago while searching for someone close to where I live. Her profile immediately stood out to me as the pictures were stunning. Sent an email through AW which she replied to promptly. Was asked to call to book an appointment directly. I kept the call fairly brief as I didn't know what I was doing. Booked for an hour and a half session for the evening that day.

Getting there and location

She lives in a secure new build development of flats on the main road 10 minutes walk from Chadwell Heath station. Very discreet as you need to be buzzed in. There's a lift in the building if you need it too. The flat is very clean and tidy. As you would expect from a new build. The bedroom is large enough, with room for a dressing table and plenty of space to stretch your legs.

Jessica's appearance and demeanor

Absolutely stunning lady. Tall, slim and perfectly toned body. Very nicely tanned too. I have never been with anyone like her as the women who share the same physique and attractiveness as her are usually out of my league. She greeted me in sexy lingerie and high heels. She has really good English and you can definitely talk to her pretty much about anything you want. We discussed foreign films and social issues in Asia. So no need to worry about chatting if you like to talk before or after the physical stuff. She's also very reassuring and does everything to make you feel comfortable.

The experience

I'm quite a shy guy at first with women and I usually take my time being intimate with women in general anyway. So seeing an escort was quite a nervous experience for me. Jessica could clearly sense that and didn't try pouncing me right away as I may have fled! She just offered me a drink, edged closer on the bed and gently rubbed my legs and arms while I was sitting next to her. We chatted for a bit and I was clearly never going to make the first move so she delicately moved our champagne glasses to one side and started kissing my neck and ears. While her hands were going up and down my body. I was still a bit tense at this point but I was quickly loosening up. I started kissing her back and she smelt absolutely amazing. Off came our underwear and I was even more amazed by her body. Next, she said the few words I really needed to hear and I imagine anyone who punts for the first time and is nervous, "Relax, you don't need to impress me and just have a good time". Any performance anxiety I had or any other anxiety soon went away after that. Then the RO began and it was awesome. Al the while I was playing with her breasts and clitoris. She was making all the right noises and convinced me she was having a good time.

She then whipped on a condom and started excellent OW. Her beautiful dark eyes making contact with mine as she was doing it. Excellent technique. Almost popped my load then. Had to slow down and then she was ready to get on top. She definitely rode me hard. Light kissing throughout and then moved on to missionary. Was just in awe of her long, slim and toned legs wrapped around me and over my shoulder. Couldn't stop admiring them. She was also very playful throughout and to when I finally finished! Time to catch my breathe. Had some really hilarious conversations and watched some funny youtube videos together. Then on for round two which was pretty much the same as the first. Didn't even think I had two in me! Got dressed, said my goodbye and quick peck on the lips at the door. Left feeling amazing and wondering why I never did this sooner.


Maybe I'm biased because she was the first escort I've been with but I can't imagine how it could have gone any better. If you are looking for someone sweet to give you the GFE, then she can definitely do that. But she can also appeal to people who are looking for a more raunchy experience. I guess i'm quite vanilla. Would I see her again? Definitely. I've actually seen her three more times since then. I just wanted to write this review as I felt she deserved another recent review. I definitely recommend anyone who hasn't punted before to try Jessica for sure. I'm glad I made the right choice (with the help of your previous reviews and comments).

I hope my review is up to the standards of this site and really glad I have people to talk to about these experiences now. Will definitely update on other sessions soon too. Thank you.

9 review(s) found for jessica_posh linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)


Good 1st review - I saw her many months ago and her pics on AW are very PS - I would say she looks about 60% of the pictures on AW and is IMO definitely early 30's and not anywhere near 26

But glad you had a good time

Offline vt

The first time can be mind-blowing...especially if the girl does everything right...her kissing, friendliness and attentiveness all sound very positive...you're going to remember her forever.

It's going to be hard to trust your judgment completely as you have no perspective and experience to compare with...password02 adds a welcome tone of realism with his comments...but keep up the good work and enjoy many, many more to come!!  :thumbsup:

To get a balanced review that is helpful to other punters, I try and think of the best things about a punt and also the most disappointing aspects of her looks and service, but I can totally understand the starry-eyed view this time.

Thank you both for your comments and I understand this couldn't be taken as a full on recommendation, just wanted to get the spotlight on Jessica again. Will definitely make my next review more balanced. I do agree that the pictures do have that 'agency style filter' applied. I guess I wasn't too surprised as I was warned about those type of photos on here. I've seen six other women from agencies and they have looked different from their photos. I guess the conversation element and the fact she wasn't cold and just going through the motions were reasons this made it a good punt for me. Guess I am also a little bias because it was my first punt and everyone remembers their first time. I have seen other WGs and some were very mechanical and little to no English so this experience  does rank highly. More on the other ladies later.

Thanks again for your expert views!

Offline Big Cat

Just checking out this review after reading some of World Sick's other posts on another thread... no one else get the vibe that this is a female posing as a punter?
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Hash Big Cat that's really funny. I mean no disrespect by that at all. I am genuinely a dude but my friends are always telling me how overly sensitive I am and that I should have been a woman! You've just proved their point.

Guess I am too nice at times. If the issue is my empathy towards others, than I guess it's just something I've always had and I find it quite hard showing malice or negativity towards others. I'm not a hippy though. I have had some negative punts. Just came from one now. Not that happy about it. Will write a review.

Offline Big Cat

Nothing to do with showing empathy or kindness, just the style of writing... and something about the user name. Maybe I'm overthinking it.

Looking forward to that review  :thumbsup:
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Ah cool. The user name is a song by Broken Social Scene. Think I like the name more than the song.

Review to come tonight!

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