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Author Topic: Gatwick/Crawley - Escorts  (Read 853 times)


Looking for advice please chaps,

Have messaged a couple of girls via the AW messaging system so ask about their availability on Sunday evening and so far none of them have come back.

I really want to meet a nice british girl or can be foreign if they are totally independent and speak good enough english.

really like the look of x-xkatiex-x she's got excellent reviews so would guess she is not out to con me and she looks really sexy too, I have messaged her saying that I will put a booking request with phone number etc when I know whether or not she will be available. still nothing.

Recommendations or advice would be great  :thumbsup:

I only have Cam Feed back on my profile, does that make a difference?

No Need, Finally got hold of Katie, fingers crossed meeting her on Sunday Evening


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