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Author Topic: How early can you arrive at LadyMarmaladeParties ?  (Read 524 times)

Offline hunnieme

Been a few times , usually arrive five minutes before but usually find quite a few people already there....what's the earliest you can arrive ?

Tony Montana

I try to arrive about 15 mins before as that gives me time to get changed, shower and get a drink before the fun starts.  If its a full party there can be a wait for the showers.

Offline jacksparrow11

About 10-15 mins is about the earliest ive ever arrived, but did notice last week that their was around 6 of us waiting outside at 12.45 for the 1pm party.  :lol:

I know what you mean - don't want to miss out but don't want to take the piss either!

I was last there a couple of weeks ago, evening session and was the first there at 10 to. It soon filled up but wasn't a full party.

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