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Author Topic: Petra - 18 Newport Court, Soho (and Nicky!)  (Read 1220 times)

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Offline LL

Fancied another cheapo walkup punt.  Met a Portuguese girl called Petra (she looked Romanian to me) in the upper-floor flat.  Pretty girl, nice tan, long hair.  Great pert tits - amongst the best I have ever seen / held.  Not massive but just perfect.  Let me kiss her once on the lips in our 10-minute encounter.  Could kiss her boobs but not allowed to suck 'em.  Fucked her in missionary and then with one of her nice long legs over my shoulder.  Tried to lift up her other leg but that would have cost extra.  I laughed at the ridiculousness of it.  She had a laugh too.  She spoke good English and she was friendly.  She took a good pounding but alas my 10-minutes was up and I hadn't cum so I got dressed and left.  She was very apologetic which was nice but unnecessary.

On my way downstairs to street level, went past Nicky's door and gave it a knock. She was free right away (which is rare as she's normally busy, being one of the more popular girls in Soho).  So I went straight in and got undressed.  Paid for 10-minutes for oral as well as sex - £30.  She's of a slimmer build than Petra (but with bigger boobs), and a few years older.  I've seen her a couple of times before - not that I'd expect her to remember.  Had a good covered BJ which only lasted three minutes, then into the action again.  Did the same positions - but Nicky let me put both her legs on my shoulders :)
Fucked her quite hard and fast and watched the action in the mirrors which made me cum.  Both girls closed their eyes during sex.  Both felt fairly mechanical.  I guess I wasn't expecting more from this kind of setup.  Maybe next time I'll put the money towards a GFE somewhere else.  I would enjoy that more I think.  Oh well at least it was a new experience for me, with the two nailed one after the other!  The closest I've ever come to a threesome.

Left that flat feeling like I'd had a gym workout (and with my balls a fair bit lighter).

Fair play one after another!I didn't really fancy petra when I saw her but there both fairly solid walk up girls

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