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Author Topic: Colchester Nicolle hot girl  (Read 795 times)

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Offline ramrodronnie

I phoned Nicolle on Friday 13th February this year to ask if I could book her for the following evening Saturday 14th (Valentines!) Anyway I wasn't bothered so much about the Valentines Day bit, that was just a coincidence that I was free that night and I fancied getting my nuts wet.

Nicolle asked me to phone her on the day Saturday, which I did, we agreed a time in the evening, she gave me her postcode and I went over to her, when I was close by her place I phoned her for her door number which she promptly gave me, plenty of parking spaces available, quiet area, nobody around, felt ok about the place, it was quite a modern block of flats, kept nice and clean, I buzzed her door number and she let me into the building and made my way to her door, like most of you guys I'm always apprehensive as to what I'm going to see when they open their door, but there she stood in front of me, and wow! Nicolle is a lovely looking young woman, bearing in mind I'm old enough to be her grandad!! Apart from her not showing her face on the AW website (which is fair enough for family and friends reasons) she looked gorgeous, well to me she did anyway, she said that she was 24 and to be honest, if anything she looked younger, she stated on her profile that she was a dress size 8, with 36B boobs,(enhanced) and I can honestly say that she fitted the description to a "T" she showed me into the bedroom, which was lovely, clean, tidy, with more than enough space, she was wearing a red bra, and matching panties/stockings, man whatta sight!! got the money sorted out which was £100 for an hour, we started by cuddling with me kisssing and licking her all over, I removed her bra, ok her boobs aint massive, they're enhanced, but non the less very pert and gorgeous, I gently sucked and licked her nipples, we then french kissed, she stroked my todger outside my boxers, by now I was ready for action!

I lay on the bed and Nicolle removed my boxers, she went to get a condom, so I said I thought you did OWO? she said no if I want OWO it was £20 extra, to be fair she does'nt say OWO on her enjoys list, anyway I was loving her so much, I agreed to the extra, and oh boy was it worth it!! she gave me an absolutely heavenly blow job, ok it's fair to say that I have'nt got the biggest todger around but she took the lot all the way down after I asked her to go deep ( by the way her English is quite good compared to a lot of the other EE & Latino girls I have fucked) I couldn't keep her sucking my cock for too long or it would have all been over too soon! I then let her choose what position to start with to which she replied doggy, so I naturally obliged, OMG! it was heaven watching by cock sliding in and out of her from behind, with her having the occasional peep around smiling, and gently moaning, after a while of pumping her in doggy, I asked her for her 2nd favourite position, she replied cowgirl, so I again obliged! again heaven!! with her tiny model like body frame she was so easy to bounce her up and down on my cock, we then went onto missionary, again HEAVEN!! by this time, after pumping at her for so long and fucking her brains out I shot my load!! that was it me done with a massive smile on my face. So unless anyone ends up with a bait and switch with Nicolle, and one of you guys are lucky enough to get the real Nicolle, I would absoluely recommend her, what a little darling, even then I wanted to kick myself for not licking and sucking that beautiful pussy of hers!! Damn, I got sooooo carried away with wanting to fuck her brains out I forgot to pleasure her gorgeous tight wet pussy, oh well hopefully there will be a next time 10 outta for this one10 lads!!
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4 review(s) found for beauty_Amber linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline alligatr

Thanks for the review, planning to see her next week as my second ever punt. She looks like the best looking girl in the local area (issa is a close second for me, i'll hopefully get round to her at some point). Is her flat near town centre? i'm reliant on public transport/walking.

Offline ramrodronnie

Hi Allygatr,
Yes where she is currently living is approximatey between half a mile, and three quaters of a mile from the centre of Colchester, she is a lovely looking girl, with a gorgeous size 8 body, lovely personality, for me that goes a long way, I hate mechanical, and Nicolle (beauty_Amber) is certainly not, she gives a great service if you treat her nice, but it's £20 extra if you want OWO, which personally I was happy to pay.
What was the service like with Issa Allygatr? as I've had her on my radar for a while now, also her friend Anya, if you, or anyone else can give me an idea of what to expect from both of these two good looking hunnies?
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