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Author Topic: North London massage  (Read 1673 times)

Offline TomR

Hi chaps

I am looking for some advice please.

I will be in the north London area next Friday and fancy a good massage + HE/BJ.

There are loads of agencies in the City (some of which I have used) and some in the suburbs
(Masha's Massage, the place at Chingford (exact name escapes me), Magic Touch at Bounds Green)
but I am looking for a good, reliable indie.

It appears that Rami isn't working anymore so she is off the list but apart from her, despite
a few evenings searching, i can't find anyone of her ilk.

Can anyone come up with any suggestions? I don't really want to go into the centre if I can help it.
I am looking at the ark from say Uxbridge in the west to Waltham abbey in the east. Girl say up to 35,
slim, but foremost someone who provides a good massage and ending.


Offline raygun

I've had a few visits at the following places with nice experiences generally. If you are respectful, generous and wishing for a touchy feely with oriental female in NW London, google.co.uk search finds 'sala thai hendon', 'Twin Bridge Of London', 'naturals way hendon', and 'thaiconsort'  Expect to spend between £60 - £100

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