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Author Topic: London girls who work alone  (Read 2509 times)

Online smiths

It's not a dumb question, it's a completely reasonable thing to want to know the kind of environment you'll potentially be visiting. It may be a bad idea to compile a list for nutters to see who is vulnerable but nowt wrong with wanting to know what you're walking into.
Well that's wrong. Again, independent WGs often advertise that they work alone out of their apartment or hotel and I've asked quite a few back in the day and they were happy to tell me this. If anything parlour girls often keep it quiet and I've had many a maid pretend to be the girl I want to see. Plus if you don't want to visit a parlour then you'd have to be a moron to think you're limited to just outcalls as there are loads of women who work independently and will tell you that assuming you're able to ask it in a non-creepy manner.

I agree, I don't fancy being caught up in a raid and I  hate it when the door opens and the person inviting me in is clearly not the lady I came to see or worse still there's a bloke at the door. I also don't want to be seen entering a brothel, I like the idea that I'm a little bit discreet when I go punting. I remember what completely put me off the like's of Sandy' Superstars years ago, a place I wanted to visit for ages, was a bloke on youtube filming punters going in.

That was Richard Carveth a real prick doing the filming. :thumbsdown:

Offline Anadin

that is proper arsehole territory

Agreed! I'd never realised it was so obvious what the place was & it made me think that if everyone in the area knows that a place is a brothel do I want to be seen entering or exiting that place.

That was Richard Carveth a real prick doing the filming. :thumbsdown:

Yeah I didn't really want to post his name but I suppose even mentioning the video made it obvious anyway.

RD, edit your post bro. People who quoted you, edit also and job's a good 'un, imo

We lose the ability to edit about 10 minutes after posting.

I was also concerned about the legality of the whole thing, a venue with only one WG does not classify as a brothel and less likely to be raided?

I don't think it's as simple as that - certainly the definition of a brothel used for many years was that premises used by Mandy on Monday and Sandy on Saturday, even if each of them was "alone" on her working day, would still count as a brothel.
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