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Author Topic: Hayley and Lindsey - Birthday Treat  (Read 1703 times)

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Online Kev40ish

https://www.adultwork.com/1651645 or https://www.adultwork.com/Hayley%2Dx%2Dx
https://www.adultwork.com/2811799 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lindsey%5Fxxx

A 2 hour session meeting in Bayswater 8.00pm - 10pm, however got in there at 7.30 and left at 10.30. Two of the most popular girls on AW. I started to speak to the Girls in May as a Birthday treat to myself.

I will not describe the girls as they have been spoken about so often. I will just say that when I saw them both I just realised how lucky I was to have managed to arrange this


Excellent from Hayley, however Lindsey is really busy and it took a while for her to confirm. Although on the day before and that day texts started to fly between us:

For example:
"Got your text about all the naughty things you will do to me! Can't wait to be face down and spread on the bed.
I'm going to bring my collar and lead along, and my tail butt plug so I can be your little pet!"

Our meet was on the day of the Tube strike so I was concerned about getting there. I got there about 1/2 an hour early and Hayley asked me to come up for a drink whilst we waited for Lindsey and her trusty case.


I will try to remember all we did. To me it was a bit of a blur of Toys, fingers, tongues, pussy and fucking.
Whilst Lindsey was getting ready, Hayley had already got her lips around my cock sucking away deep and fully. She really knows how to use her mouth to the full.
Lindsey comes out looking stunning and goes straight into DFK and gets down on her knees to join Hayley. I some how manage to get Hayley out of her little red dress and enjoy a fantastic double blow-job. Hayley soft and deep, Lindsey hard deep and gagging. Single BJ whilst being rimmed.

We then agreed it was time to get the straps out and tie Lindsey to the bed on her front. Hayley and me then proceeded to use various straps, whips to bring a little colour on her arse. We were quite hard  with them and had Lindsey writhing in pleasure. Thankfully she did not have to sit down much the next day.
On with her collar, anal hook in place,doxy under her pussy Hayley using various toys and strap on, cock being sucked by Lindsey, fucking Lindsey's pussy feeling the anal hook pressing on my cock. her cum juices running out of her pussy.

I then realised I had neglected Hayley, so we left Lindsey alone, new condom. I did not realise the logistics of swapping between girls and the amount of condoms that were strewn on the floor by the end.
Kissing, OWO, RO all followed. Bent over the bed, against the wall lying on Lindsey fingering her as Hayley rode my cock reverse cowgirl.

Lindsey came again!! Pulled herself free and set about me. Her kissing is not like anything I have encountered before, it is deep wet, sucking each other's tongue nibbling lips. Biting lips. That was a bit too hard at one stage and Hayley had to kiss me better soft and tender and punish Lindsey with some hard swipes with a thong and strap.

Other activities included girl on girl whilst I am fucking. RO on both Hayley and Lindsey whilst having a blow job and fucking the other.
Getting told to fuck their arse..
Rimming - I cannot believe what these girls can do with their tongues.
The Gagging from Lindsey was out of this world. Sticking fingers in her pussy and arse and then sticking them down her throat until she gags.

Lindsey fucking my big toe whilst giving me oral. Hayley could not believe it and and I had to stop RO on her so she could watch the action, then her sucking the juices off my big toe and coming over to share them with me. Wish I had a photo of that although I have plenty of other photos to remember them by.. Love the one with the fox tailed butt plug.

It was a dichotomy of styles, which suited me perfectly. Rough, hard and dirty with Lindsey and soft, tender and loving from Hayley I loved both experiences and realise that I like a mix of both styles.

Could I be a Dom... I really don't think so fully,  although parts of it I enjoy. Spanking, whipping, restraints, forcing her head on my cock and her gagging, denial, rimming and hard fucking I loved. Lindsey wanted me to spit in her mouth something we had discussed, it felt wrong I could not do it.  I suppose I would have tried water sports, when she begged me to piss on her, but poor planning and needing to go, when I arrived put pay to that idea. I don't think I would have enjoyed it, but still on my bucket list if you don't try you don't know.

Lots more happened but this is becoming far too long.

Was it worth the money.... Definitely
Would I do it again... Definitely
Would I meet them separately... Yes

Best birthday present ever.

kev(no longer 40ish)

Message to Hayley and Lindsey I know you love reading the reviews..

Hayley,  I have arranged a visit to Portsmouth will sort out that person... Hope your exam went well.. See you when I am down there can't wait..

Lindsey, hope you have a fantastic trip. I still have things not completed on my bucket list, so let's meet again. Remember if you return from you trip via Rio come and visit...(don't blame me for trying to get another meet before you go away)


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Offline shagbambi

Nice review, and a great way to start a new decade.

Offline The Beano

Excellent review Mr K, I bet it was red hot in that apartment with all that going on!

Online Kev40ish

I must say I owe it all to you all on this site based on recommendations and previous reviews. It is important that us lurkers give back as much info. as we take!! I would recommend everyone writes a review as it helps relive the experience.

Thanks again


Thanks for sharing.   Great review and 2 hours of hot steaming fun and games.   

Online Kev40ish

I think the strange thing is the more you Punt the more extreme you want and yes it was really hot and messy by the end.
Lindsey's makeup did not survive at all..

Offline PLeisure

Congrats on bursting your review cherry with two such highly regarded WGs - sounds like a blast  :thumbsup:

Offline The Beano

I think the strange thing is the more you Punt the more extreme you want and yes it was really hot and messy by the end.
Lindsey's makeup did not survive at all..

Lol, I was sweating like the proverbial after an hour, and I only had H to contend with. Last time I saw L she had trouble getting the make up off. That was the lipstick I had used to write on her!

Online Kev40ish

The only real sweating moment was if we were going to meet because of the train strike.
I was in Coventry for a meeting. Hayley was driving up from Portsmouth. Lindsey was
trying to get across town after work. Traffic was the worst I have seen...
Wish we could have all stayed longer together but Hayley had to get back for an exam in the morning. She didn't have much time for revision though!!!

lucky man! sounds like it was an awesome time

I tried to get Lindsey for my birthday treat, but didnt get a response after initial email. I know she's extremely popular and busy, and with limited time before her break so just left it.

Offline poi

Nice review  :hi: :thumbsup:

Happy Birthday Kev40ish   :drinks:

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Online Kev40ish


Thanks for the card, much appreciated..

Kev you lucky man!

I'm planning a final end of the year punt before i transferred abroad for work and hayley is in my list.  I spoke with lindsey, who as we all know is away, and she said if she is back before i go she'll come with. If your birthday treat was that good then i def want to see them now!!

Great review, very detailed compared to mine. Even the ones i write a few days after the punt.  My memory is pretty bad haha

Offline columbo

The red head on the left is very attractive. Lucky guy the OP is.
Banning reason: Previously banned

The red head on the left is very attractive. Lucky guy the OP is.

I've seen Hayley and yes she is very attractive. I've seen abot 10 or so different girls now and each one was pretty but Hayley is by far the best looking out of them all! Best body too :D

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