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Author Topic: Classy Jenny - Stevenage (Tours)  (Read 794 times)

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Online Hertsgent


Ok, so I've seen Classy Jenny I believe 6 times over the past year, but this last time was the first time since I embraced writing reviews. She is my most visited lady, on the basis of excellent experiences, a limited availability (focusses the mind), and gives me a heads up by AW message when she is going to be in the area (monthly, and the same time every month).

Jenny is a part time WG that tours, and I visit her when in Stevenage. She stays in a hotel, actually my favourite of them for clean/tidy and easy access (although this time I'm sure I got a knowing wink and smile from a tidy member of staff walking off reception - gave her a cheery smile back and considered asking her if she wanted to join in!). £120 for an hours entertainment.

Comms all good as ever, Jenny presented very nicely again, and greeted like an old friend with kissing and cuddling. Dealt with the paperwork, good chat, although not for long as we got down to business pretty quick. Kissing, cuddling, OWO, RO, dry humping, more OWO, then on with the cover and in he went. Several positions later I had a nice release. Nice chat to conclude proceedings.

Jenny is one of my top 3 WGs to visit. She has a nice slim figure, is attractive, easy and interesting to communicate with. All very good there. She is also a total nymphomaniac - seeming to enjoy everything that goes, but really enjoy it! Seems authentic, could be good act of course, but just a quite incredible experience every time. I'm probably an easy gig, but I get the impression she would be very happy to go through the entire likes list.

Her profile is sparse, but looking at her AW feedback and reviews here I think she gets quite a chunk of repeat business. I'm in a bit of a phase of going back to old favourites at the minute, given a poor strike rate these past few months generally on new WG visits, and this suited me perfectly. As I say, one of my favourite 3.....

12 review(s) found for Classy Jenny linked to in above post (12 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

The reason why she is also my favourite girl is simple: her attitude to being a working girl is spot on. She doesn't do this every day or even every week, so she doesn't really suffer from burn out like other girls working daily, and us lucky guys reap the benefit. Jenny is totally independent, does this as and when she pleases.

It helps that she has an incredible body and - subjectively at least - a very attractive face. But it's how much she throws herself into the meetings that sets her apart from other girls.

I saw her a couple of weeks ago, and though it was at least our tenth meet together it felt like the best session we had. If you click with Jenny you will find it hard to find anyone else as good as her.

Glad hertsgent continues to have a good time with her, I'm hoping to see her next week.

To take a quote from the Highlander series - "there can only be one..." [IMO].

With all my years of "experience" I have never met anyone like Jenny - on the first meeting we clicked and I had a session like never before with full participation and enjoyment. I realise she has a small circle of regulars who appreciate her and her committment and that keeps her returning - for that I am personally very thankfull.

May she continue until I become celibate!   :thumbsup:

Offline CheeseYa

Cheers for the review.

Jenny is a tad older (35 years according to backofthenet' review) than what I typically go for but have added her to my HL on account of the stellar feedback plus I see that's she's in Apsley next which is an easier drive for me.

Online Hertsgent

I think that age is probably accurate, or rather agrees with what she told me once. Also at my upper end (although I can be exceedingly flexible depending on the little mans mood/desperation.....)

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