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Author Topic: Sporty naughty Jess - Leicester  (Read 755 times)

Offline j122

Is it me or do the 2 profile pics look like different girls?


Definatley same girl in first pic and verification photo as nose the same... Could be same girl in 2nd photo but obviously lost loads of weight but is that before or now being the question?

Agreed, I'd say definitely different. Good bodies though on both    :thumbsup:

Offline j122

I'd not even clicked on the verified pic as so used to seeing the message about it being hidden.  :dash:

Looks like the same top in the bigger boobed pic

If she's genuine and I think she may be... Her profile makes me think she's a student and I like what I see ... Would be worth the punt  :thumbsup:

Offline j122

Sexy blonde sports model coming online from the privacy of my home

Offering an intimate experience with passion, naturalness and humour

Seeing as that's all her profile says, think she could just be another cam girl with escorting ticked. Would like to be proved wrong though as has a tasty bod.

I made a polite enquiry and indeed a new webcam girl - profile has been amended.

Agree, very pretty - good luck to her!

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