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Author Topic: help needed  (Read 661 times)

Offline walshy101

there used to be a girl who offered blowjobs in canton but i cant seem to find her on aw can someone shed some light on it for me she only does blowjobs

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Offline walshy101

cheers corus thats the one
now does sex any good

Online Corus Boy

cheers corus thats the one
now does sex any good

As you will have noticed, her availability is limited.

I've only seen her for the BJ.

Others may add more.

Offline mr big

as far as I know just bjs shes only doing this part time now she set up her own business online doing something differant

Offline Redevil86

Saw her about 2 weeks ago for the 15 min toe curler, asked her if she would be doing hour meets and she said, no she'll only be doing the 15 min b j s. Still, better than nowt.

Offline HughJardon

£30 pounds for 15 mins to bust a Nutt sounds good to me

Hi guys, trying to find her number, no luck on line  anyone have   cheers

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