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Offline yimzy

Hi Guys, this is my first time posting a review so please, if i can improve my writing, please leave me some constructive criticism below?

ok so the bigbootylatin
I thought, ah! she does webcam shows and shes hot. i can have a look before i go in and risk time and money. so i booked her, sent a message etc. that didnt work out, maybe i booked it too close to when i wanted it but never mind i tried again.
Again, it didnt work, so i emailed her and asked if we could work it out, then i find shes added herself to my skype
and she starts to message me while shes off line so i say hey ill resend my webcam booking and we can get on with it and she ignores it and send me a link to some bullshit cam site she says she prefers because its safer.
I had a look at that and it
wanted my credit card details. no thanks. anyway she stopped messaging me after a few more prods to get me to sign up to it.
big dissapointment.
unfortunately cant comment on her appearance service etc if she even exists. I did try a search for her on here before i booked so apologies if i missed her.
anyway comms were also bad. shes one to avoid guys in my opinion.


2 review(s) found for THEBIGBOOTYLATIN linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Mate the same thing happened to me she scammed me  :dash: :diablo: i wish i saw your review before i booked

Offline yimzy

I just posted a review about another Latins girl you might like. Nice asssssssssss

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