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Author Topic: Abi Birmingham Escort any info  (Read 953 times)

Offline XoX

Found Abi Birmingham on another adult search site, not cheap but one of the hottest looking girls
I'd like to see... No OWO so maybe not!


Offline pianodave

£200 an hour and no OWO what a bargain :rolleyes:

Offline jacks

Been around for a few years. So expect to be older than in pics. Or was a WG since 15 or so as says she is 19? But saying that looks fit still and would but 200ph bit steep 8n fact that steep it's vertices.

I've had the pleasure of Abi more than a few times in the last years.

I'd say she's more likely mid-twenties now, but she's still a proper Nympho.

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