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Author Topic: Tintin in Queensway/Baywater  (Read 434 times)

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Telephone number 07466735333, no website link cos found on a craigslist ad and the photos were fake anyway

Cathartic preamble (skip to main review if you prefer!)

Sunday was a day of disasters and disappointments, but unfortunately it was the only time I had and was stubbornly determined to fix something up.  Was feeling too tired for FS so just wanted massage / HE.  I had backup plans but ended up on plan D...

Plan A
Made a call for a massage in East London.  Fixed up time 3 hours in advance.  Got there bang on time.  Was met by confused maid/other girl, didn't know why I was there.  Told her I was on time to see my girl of choice.  She shouted up the stairs, girl said something like "he'll have to wait 20 mins".  the maid told me I couldn't wait in the lounge as another punter was waiting in there and I'd have to wait at the bottom of the stairs.  I was really pissed off and walked.

Plan B
AW profile - no answer

Plan C
Asian in Earl's Court from basic google search.  Made the booking ok and got the address and time confirmed (this was quite a few hours later).  First choice wasn't available so I took recommendation.  Then did a quick search and found a negative review on another site.  As I was reading this and getting ready to call back and cancel, I got a text saying there was a mistake and my booking was cancelled.

Plan D / Main Review

Found the ad on craigslist, just asked who was available.  All photos were obviously fake.  Asian girl on the phone said she was available and that the photos were genuine.  I said I know they're not genuine but I'll come and have a look and if you look ok we'll go ahead, if not I won't stay.  She said that was alright.  She was entertaining on the phone, almost worth calling to hear her trying hard to convince you to come.

So it's a small flat near Starbucks on Queensway.  I went for £100 body to body massage for 1 hour.  Too much to pay but no other immediate options for me.  Got there and phoned that I had arrived.  Girl told me to be discreet when going in.

Girl answered the door, a petite thai, probably early 30's.  Certainly not the girl in the photos but not bad looking and not enough to walk.  She didn't speak a word of English but was typically sweet.  I sent a text to the receptionist just to say I'd hoped it would have been her.  She sent back a smiley face.

Asked the girl her name, it was a struggle to get her to understand even this.  She said "Tintin".  Had a big tattoo on her stomach. She began the massage and started furiously wanking me.  I tapped my watch and told her to slow down, trying to explain we had an hour and take it easy.

She was a bit bored, a bit uninterested, it was all kind of OK but not great.  At the end of the body to body, got the HE and came over her.  Finished with an assisted shower, she perked up a bit with this and seemed a bit happier.  I was out of the door after 50 minutes.

It's not a bad experience, not at all, but overpriced and the bottom line is that it was a fake pic with a bored asian, and there's many better options.

Tintin? Where do they think up these names?

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