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Author Topic: Fun with Hayley on her London Tour  (Read 893 times)

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I managed to secure a two hour booking with Hayley yesterday whilst she was on tour in London.


Excellent comms with Hayley. Sent Hayley an email on AW asking about a two hour booking. She replied quickly with an agreeable time and I confirmed by sending a booking via AW.

Hayley replied promptly with the location of where she would be when in town.

I followed up by confirming our booking the day before by text.


Nice serviced apartment a short walk from Bayswater or Queensway tube station.

The Event

Arrived to see Hayley looking hot in a short red dress, black hold ups and High heels.

First I took a shower. I came into the bedroom and started with light FK.

Hayley dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock getting me hard.

Moved onto the bed followed by a long session of 69 and fingering both her holes and popped whilst Hayley wanked me off.

More fun followed 69, light FK,fingering both Hayley's holes, rimming her and shagging Hayley in mish and her on top followed by three more pops.


A great first punt with Hayley. She does love to suck a cock and I'm glad I got to see her whilst she was in town.

Highly recommended.


71 review(s) found for Hayley-x-x linked to in above post (71 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Snake93

HD, good on you for getting time with her.  Great review, wouldn't mind going down on her myself...

I was away on holiday for much of this week and by time I returned, she was already booked up :scare: :dash:.  Hayley looks absolutely fantastic, very much so the ideal woman with her beautiful shape and intelligence.  Hopefully she makes it back to London soon.

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