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Author Topic: Imogen.Lillymae  (Read 629 times)

Offline Bongo23

Anyone had the pleasure?   

Or any thoughts?   Looks seriously hot to me.



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Offline PaintBrush

I would have to agree, and with a great ass.

AW Reviews seem positive and recent

Unfortunately out calls only

I've had her hotlisted for a while as she does indeed look like she has an incredible figure. The prospect of a possible threesome with her and her friend Victoria is also very tempting. If you do see her, I would be interested in reading a review.

Again, the fact she's outcall only has stopped me going ahead so far, but maybe one day when I'm feeling flush enough to book a hotel on top of the cost of the punt I might go for it.

Offline Bongo23

Saw her yesterday.   I wouldn't say she has an "incredible" figure - not fat, but not what you could call "lithe", and I do like them on the skinny side.   A pleasant young woman.   Not super raunchy or enthusiastic, neither is she particularly warm and cuddly.   Most, I think, would consider her a bit vanilla, but she is a nice girl, so I don't want to say anything negative.   And she's honest - she delivered the goods - clean, arriving on time and true to her "likes" list.   Worth a booking.

I don't punt often, and my last punt was in September last year with the incomparable Little Katie when she was starting out on her very successful career.   So I guess I've been spoiled, and shouldn't judge Imogen by comparison to such a rare gem.   

Offline Bongo23

Regarding my last post - on reading it through again, it does seem a little negative.   That was not my intention.  Imogen is a very nice girl, and I had a great time with her.   Recommended!   (She's not like Little Katie, but let's face it - nobody is!).

Offline Spunky34

She once replied to one of my reverse bookings where I was specifically looking for a PSE - there wasn't much in her profile to make me think that she offered that kind of thing, so I politely emailed to ask if she was happy with what I was looking for, as her profile did not give that impression.  That email was read and ignored, which I think in itself is a bit rude, and it made me think that she had just been attracted by a relatively high fee but could not be bothered to read what I was actually looking for.  I have no problem when people offer only Vanilla services,  but I find that kind of attitude off putting, especially from someone expressing apparent interest in an RB.

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