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Author Topic: Thai Sunisa - Oxford  (Read 926 times)

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Thai Sunisa - Oxford
Price: £60 / 30mins
Venue: Flat in smart block/new build in Botley.  Easy parking and good location.

Very disappointing punt :-(

Have visited this establishment in Botley on a couple of occasions in the past with good success but not today.

Good comms.  Called as was in area and she was free.  Called again when outside, as per instructions, and she gave me the flat number so went up.  Knocked gently on door as flat next door is very close to her flat (two front doors are side by side in a quiet corridor). 

She was pretty angry that I had walked in through the open front door to the flat block instead of standing at the open door and buzzing up which I thought would have drawn attention to myself and looked odd.  Not off to a great start.

Got the paperwork sorted and disrobed, face down on bed for an oily massage which was OK but quite rough.

Turned over after about 5 minutes and she covered me in baby oil and proceeded with an oily handjob which was nice.   On with the condom for a couple of minutes of oral.  All OK.

Then on to the main event where she proceeded to start spitting into a rag every minute or so which was most off putting and unpleasant.  No touching was allowed.  Even resting a hand on her arse as she was on top of me produced a fly swatting like reaction and grunts of displeasure and annoyance!

Was rapidly losing interest and when she offered a hand job completion, so I accepted.  Came on her tits which to be fair was nice.

All in all, a great venue but not a great experience.  Would not ever seen again unfortunately. 

Pics seem quite accurate.  Very short, nice tits, slim build.  Not as pretty in person but an attitude to boot sadly.

2 review(s) found for Thai Sunisa linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Lewis

Thanks for the heads up. I had contemplated on seeing her, but you've made me change my mind.

Offline maxj

Same here! she's touring near me at the mo, but pleased I did my research! Thanks.

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