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Author Topic: AdultWork android app - 'You have not entered the correct Turing Letters'  (Read 1298 times)

Offline MrBridger

Anyone else seeing this error message when trying to log in using Android phone? I know it's a shit app anyway (in fact not really an app at all) but it's pissing me off. And no I don't for a second expect AW to fix it, but sometimes it helps to have a bit of a rant.
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Hi,  I'm on an android phone as well and found a quick way round this,  I get it every now and again,  usually when I've been logged out due to timeout...

Basically,  just use click on the "main site"  button to get the error main site desktop view,  then use the link at the top right to go back into the android Web view,  each time I do that it then shows the Turing Test,  allowing me to enter the letters while logging in.

Hope that helps.  I must admit I don't find the android web view too bad,  certainly a lot better than the desktop view on my phone.

Another tip I found,  normally when researching a WG I need to go into the desktop view to get their user id in the text near the bottom of the page,  however the same id is in the url of the android Web view and you can quickly copy it from there into UKP to do a search to see if the same profile is reviewed or mentioned.



Might be teaching prossie to suck cock there but someone might find it useful   :)

Tony Montana

Are you sure it's not your auto correct changing the word before you submit? That's caught me out a few times

Offline Mansell

I have swapped over to using the 4 digit pin which gets rid of this problem completly.
The only hassle I have with the App is when I try and make a booking, sent a support request to AW and got a good reply, but unfortunately my phone wouldn't do what they suggested. It's not a perfect app but pretty good in my view.

I find the android input of Turing letters works better if  I close the pop-up key pad and touch the log-in button. If I leave key pad open and/or touch go on the key pad it normally cocks up the Turing thingy even though I deffo typed the correct letters. I do have a really shitty phone though.

Have had this with the iphone app - it tells you that you haven't entered turing letters but doesn't actually show any CAPTCHA image. Generally have to keep refreshing or clear cookies as a last resort.

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