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Author Topic: Blonde Surprise  (Read 1198 times)

Hi all still looking and I've come across this profile on aw. Few messages back and fourth but another with no reviews could this be a problem or is work a little slow? https://www.adultwork.com/2731852  I've checked on here but can't find anything about this one.
Thank you for any advice

Profile doesn't give much away. A bit too old as well judging by pictures.

The surprise is that this munter charges £160 ph! In Worksop!

Offline badsin

If your considering that price in Worksop - why not pop over to Sheffield and visit mckenzies escorts?? Accurate pictures and descriptions of all the wg's I've seen there..... check my reviews - they've never let me down yet :hi:

Offline Owwhatanight

Wtf is my mother in law doing on there ?   :drinks: :lol:

The only surprise I see there is the stark reality of the earth's gravitational pull.

Offline Ipunter

Grab a granny! £160 ph yeah right!

Just seen on her likes list unprotected sex  :scare: :manhater:

Offline Ipunter

Just seen on her likes list unprotected sex  :scare: :manhater:

£160 must be the going rate for STDs these days

Offline Turtle Z

She's not posted a number since her profile went up. Personally, I would, but at £100 and hour.

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