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Author Topic: Anna Angel B Nr Brentwood  (Read 765 times)

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Online Neal69

Recent punt.

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Plan B after another cancellation.

Phoned up and got straight through and booking time was acceptable.

1 Hour £120

Was texted postcode and asked not to park in her road as it was a cul de sac.

Anna spoke clear accented English with a Russian accent.

Arrived at location that was a residential estate outside Brentwood and parked up not too far away. Phoned and was given house number.

Walked to house and was met by a tall blonde in a dressing gown definitely the girl in the profile pics. I would say the age and size were about right but as I have always said I am hopeless  with age sizes.

A nice kiss at the door and was shown upstairs to a perfectly functional bedroom.

Money handed over and I asked for a shower as I had come straight from work.

Anna is very chatty and a bit bossy but in a funny way as in "well get those clothes off and into the shower with you then" Bathroom was clean and functional clean towel provided.

On return to the bedroom I was provided with a drink and we got down to business. Off came the dressing gown to reveal a well shaped toned body with only flesh coloured hold ups on. If I say that Anna is a large woman it will give the wrong impression. She is 5' 8" tall with big tits and a well shaped arse. No hint of fat and is gym toned. I thought she may have been a bit weathered in the face by looking at her pics but she has quite a fresh look with little or no makeup. She started to apologise for not being clean shaven but I said I preferred it the way she had it trimmed.
So DFK was on the menu despite her chiding me for being a smoker and I was having a great time fondling her and little Neal was getting some hand action. She then suggested 69 which sounded great to me and I was given a nice OWO while having a face full of clean tasting pussy. Anna was responding well to this and got very wet, Little Neal was also getting quite exited as well. Before things could come to a head we swapped around and donned the mack and I took her missionary at first then her legs went up in the air and I pounded her to completion while continuing the DFK. At the finish she did smile and joke that she had got there first so she obviously enjoys what she does.

It was a quite exhausting round one and we were quite a while into the hour by now so I could not see round 2 happening so we chatted and fondled for the rest of the hour. Obviously a highly intelligent woman and good company. She did suggest that if I wanted to return I should book 30 mins and stay a bit longer. Seems like a plan to me.

For a MILF she has no stretch marks and a nice tight pussy. No tats or piercings. To me her body was ideal topped off with a trimmed minge. Nice well shaped arse and big but not saggy tits.

Her working phone did buzz several times during the action but she ignored it and only after the action was over did she answer a call from her brother after asking me first if she could.

All in all a good punt and a great plan B. She does have another job so availability could be a bit patchy, she says she likes sex and does this for a bit of fun as well as topping up her holiday fund. She is very open about herself ( could all be bullshit of course) and has no hang ups about what she does.

As with all WG's IMHO its the attitude that makes a great punt and I enjoyed this one.

I will probably go see her again as a Plan A and do as she suggested and book 30 mins for £70 and see how that goes.


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