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Author Topic: Sexy amore UK fyi  (Read 469 times)

Offline SamcroPunter

I'll write a proper review (my 1st) later when I have a bit more time but wanted to let you all know about my experience with this girl yesterday.
Her price states £150 per hour but if you want the good stuff (pse) it's £180. She claimed on the phone this is stated clearly on her aw profile but I can't see it. As I was so impressed by her profile and services on offer I paid it.
Once in her room, paid up & naked she tells me it's cum twice only. Now I'm not one to brag but I'm a 3/4 pops an hour guy so this pissed me right off with what I'd paid.
Anyway, I went for it and wanted the true pse but more disappointment followed. She wouldn't put her head over the bed or even lay side on for face fucking.
The service was decent but not vfm. I've had better deep throat / gagging experiences.
Banning reason: Previously banned. Pestering admin with review deletion. Claiming his posts were lies.

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