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Author Topic: Rose - Kew / Brentford - Massage & HE  (Read 1649 times)

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Offline hgivv

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After reading through the above, and only used to the more traditioal aspects of punting, I wanted to try something a little different - somebody mentioned on another thread the thrill of the 'not knowing' or the 'will she/won't she' massage - or something similar - and that what I was after on this occasion.

So having done the research (thanks to Top Dog, 76shen, Rupert et al - I'll again repeat that without reviews such as theirs and numerous others, the rest of us can (mostly) avoid making costly mistakes and vastly increase the chances of success - thanks to those that contribute - here endeth the lesson) I called about 25 minutes before and confirmed a booking for 6pm today with a courteous and efficient male voice at the other end of the line.

Good transport links; note for those driving, free parking available in nearby streets but not 1000 - 1200.

Place is, as previously discussed, well appointed with all the equipment/furniture of a beauty/nail salon. Upon entering I noticed that my punting phone was going off - was the guy on reception calling to see if I was going to arrive - stood next to him another potential client?

Confirmed I was the 6pm appt. and handed over the agreed £40 for 1 hour. He pointed me in the direction of a good looking busty girl in a short dress who proceeded to lead me downstairs. There was another good looking girl sat in a chair, but I assume that she was there to do pedicures or manicures - to be confirmed.

As we headed down the stairs I heard the receptionist explain that he might like to return in an hour - clearly not here for a manicure then. Sorry mate.

Downstairs I was shown to a smallish room with a massage table in the middle and a small table and chair in one corner and at the far end a shower.

After confirming that I wanted an hour she asked me to undress, indicating that I should place them on the table (which was in full view of the shower - nice touch). Not being sure of the format of these things, I disrobed but left my underwear on - she calmly pointed out that I should remove them.

So I did and she then requested that I lie face down on the table. It was very similar to this

except covered in a large towel in turn covered covered by a wide roll of papertowel - I climbed on and lay face down whereupon Rose proceeded to give me a *fantastic* oiled massage to a very relaxing soundtrack.

After throughly sorting out various aches and niggles - many of which I hadn't been aware of - the whole back of my body had been variously rubbed, squeezed, pulled and pushed - in all of the right places - with an occasional featherlight touch of of my sack from time to time - nothing overt - in fact until I was asked, about 45 minutes in) whether I wanted a HJ, I actually wasn't certain whether it was on the cards.

I answered that I definitely wanted one and I think it was indicated that £20 was the price - I said that I understood and... well I wasn't disappointed. It was during this point that I asked her name. Rose, she replied.

Someone said
i didn't get a lot of stroking of my balls, just a light touching now and again. yes her hand job is great, she knows what she's doing.
well that pretty much covers it. After popping, I was cleaned up and pointed towards the shower and handed a large towel (bonus points for this - no handkerchiefs in sight!). Shower was powerful, hot and stocked with toiletries - great to wash away any oil that was used. As previously noted, my clothes and posessions were in full sight so no unnecessary worries - whilst showering, I could see see Rose prepping the room for whomever might come (copiously?) next.

Dried off with said huge towel, dressed and gave Rose her fee, with a small tip - she tried to hand this back, I explained that the tip was for the awesome massage.

One hour exactly.

After asking, she told me she works Tuesdays and Fridays. I don't know if B2B or other services are on the cards, but you can be sure I'll be finding out in due course - a great girl, I'll be back.

I'll also be sure to make an appointment too.

tl;dr - first visit, saw 'Rose', fantastic massage and very good HE, will return.

Offline 76shen

Confirmed I was the 6pm appt. and handed over the agreed £40 for 1 hour. He pointed me in the direction of a good looking busty girl in a short dress 

hi, Top dog said Rose was a slim girl. he didn't mention anything about her being busty. how slim and young would you say she was.

Offline hgivv

hi, Top dog said Rose was a slim girl. he didn't mention anything about her being busty. how slim and young would you say she was.

A size 8-10 perhaps? Late 20's/early 30's? - asians are notoriously tricky to gauge.

Re 'busty', to be fair to Rose I didn't create the opening to get a feel or see her in her full glory, but I think that this is a fair representation:
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You need to try the 4 hand Thai Massage at Hounslow.

Not fantastic looking women, but the massage is the best I've tried ever.
1 of the ladies gives the HE, although I got the impressing this was maybe going to be Prostrate massage assisted.

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