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Author Topic: Dusky Indian looking Roma/Romanian/Hungarian Girls  (Read 699 times)

Offline spiderwebber

I've come across some really attractive Indian looking EE Girls - probably Roma with that dusky skin and dark hair and eyes - beautiful.
I found that the great majority of Indian Pakistani Sri lankan (British Asian) Brasses are ugly, knackered tired old Mares with stretch marks and hanging bellies and bad skin and the fit types one sees around UK aren't ever to be found sellign their bodies (damn their morality!) But dusky EE girls now, they look Asian, and unlike Asian WG's these can be fit and sexy - though of course some are just slutty but have that dusky look.
Wondering if anyone has any recommendations?
Here are some examples - usually have loads of make up (as Asian girls wear lots too) I've come across many more on AW at other times but today can't seem to find many.

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Offline vt

This Hungarian's got a real dusky look...pornstar too...

https://www.adultwork.com/2945479 or https://www.adultwork.com/janet+joy1

The Roma who are in large numbers across E Europe (Czech & Slovak Republics, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria as well as Spain & France) reputedly migrated from NW India about 1500 yrs ago, hence their dark features. They have lived on the margins of European society throughout that time and are still marginalised and in poverty.

Of course many girls of other ethnicities (particularly Bulgarians, as well as some Romanians & Hungarians) in the Balkans can be quite beautiful & swarthy too.
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